Why Tai Chi Chuan is The Grand Ultimate Art

An odd reason as to Why Tai Chi Chuan is the ‘Top.’

Good morning to All!

and may each day bring a better and better workout!

I’m going to talk about something weird today,
but before I do,
you may have noticed that my communications are sporadic.
That is because I am living on a mountaintop,
and my internet connection, is…odd.
So just be patient if my emails are delayed,
or if the newsletters arrive at odd intervals.
It’ll all get sorted out with time.

that said,
the work outs up here are absolutely incredible!

Imagine standing on top of the highest peak around,
able to see a million miles in every direction,
and doing your tai chi form.

you really understand what ‘grand ultimate’ means.

Oinkly donkly,
let me go weird on you.

One of the things I have noticed is that the bigger the group,
the smaller the intelligence.

For instance,
ants, a million ants in a colony,
and there’s only one intelligence.
And that intelligence isn’t too smart.
It is survival oriented,
but on the lowest order.

Move up to the cows.
They are so smart they line up for the slaughter and never figure it out.

Move up to humans.
Uh…maybe we shouldn’t.

Well, maybe we should.

After all, you don’t want to be one forever, do you? Heh?

Lower level humans are caught in a herd mentality.
At best they gather in places and discuss stuff that has no relevance nor importance.
At worst they are a mob, killing and slaughtering their way to their own demise.
Sort of Republicans or democrats. (Sorry, had to slip that in.)

the higher the level of human, the more individuality there is.

If somebody wants you to get with the program,
shut up and do your work we’ll let you know when you’re done,
or vote…
They are asking you to be a low level human being.
Basically, they want to rule, and they are looking for fools to rule.
Which brings us to high level human beings.

High level human beings are individuals.
They work,
they speak when relevant or important,
they listen a lot, and they actually learn.

Martial Arts make high level human beings.
Most of the time.

People often start in classes,
not a bad thing in this instance,
if actual learning is going on.

But the more they learn the more individual they become.

The more apart from the crowd they become.

The more they have their own viewpoint,
and the strength to stick to it.

Find an individual and you find things like virtue.
The willingness to sacrifice for the group.
(whereas the group is rarely willing to sacrifice for the individual)

Martial Arts makes individuals.

They make people who teach,
people who help others,
people who have a larger view for the good of humanity.
They are part of groups that are not herds or mobs,
but actually concerned with the direction of mankind.

The question here is…how long do you want to take
to become that unique individual that you are?

Twenty years?
Do it that way and the sad fact is that
by the time you are an individual you are too old
to enjoy the particular glory that it brings.

the only way to do something is to throw yourself into it,
get through it as fast as you can,
and enjoy the heck out of life.

Don’t be slow.

Get there,
and have more left in your life to enjoy the rewards.

Get to the top of the mountain as fast as you can…
and do your forms.

Believe me,
I wish I’d arrived at Monkeyland lo-o-ong ago!

the point is this…
when everybody expects you to act a certain way,
go your own way.

Believe me,
you can be as if on top of a mountain,
if you just resist the herd mentality
and practice your martial arts.

Monkeyland can be anywhere there is an individual
who is willing to stand alone,
to stand up for himself…

Here’s the URL for Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.


It’s the art to study
if you want to feel like you are on top of a mountain.
It is definitely the art of the individual.


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