Knee Replacements and the Martial Arts

How to Fix Disintegrating Bodies in the Martial Arts

I recently read an article concerning the large number of Martial artists who are getting knee replacements and hip replacements. Why, was the question, are people who are engaged in such a healthy lifestyle, ending up with damaged body parts?

The answer is simple: they were using their bodies incorrectly.

martial arts knee replacement

Did Ed Parker die because he didn’t know how to use the body correctly?

The person who taught them simply didn’t impart, or perhaps even have, the knowledge as to the correct way to use the body.

Let me give one example based on my own experience.

A few years ago my knee started to hurt. I began an extensive examination of all my martial arts moves, and I discovered that it wasn’t martial arts at all, it was the way I was getting into and out of my car. I was putting weight on a joint that was twisting. When I began sitting and turning, when getting into and out of the car, the pain went instantly away.

Now, consider the same type of problem in the martial arts…putting weight on a twisting joint (and that is only one of the potential problems here).

There are so many martial arts moves, and they become more complex when you start moving an opponent’s weight around, that it is virtually impossible to discover the exact motion that is causing the injury.

And bear in mind, the injury may not show up for years, one could be grinding bone down, tearing ligaments, whatever, and not feel the pain until it is too late!

So, what does one do to fix this problem?

Well, the actual problem comes from one simple concept, using the body incorrectly. So if one could learn how to use the body correctly, then all problems should go away, right?

Which is to say, if one could isolate the 6 or 12 elements that define correct body motion, then the potential for injury of the body lessens drastically.

In The Master Instructor Course that is exactly what I did.

For instance, there are exactly seven ways of moving energy through the body. These are easily proven, and can be absorbed, and taught, literally over night.

Remember, these are seven principles, simple knowledge, and it doesnt’ take years to understand simple physical rules.

And, as far as the complexities that arise when somebody is moving an opponent’s body around, that is likewise a simple matter.

There are six, and only six, rules that one must know to make ANY technique perfect. Know these six rules and you can make ANY technique work. Period.

Please remember one of the earlier points I made: that people start instructing in the martial arts with very little time, and their only real qualification is often nothing more than they can fight good.

In the Master Instructor Course I am offering to correct that inadequacy.

So here is the decision: if you are an instructor, would you like to know the real knowledge that you are lacking?

And, if you are a student who is getting sore knees, or, worse, has reached the point where you need a knee or hip replacement, would you like to know the correct way of moving that will alleviate your pain and put you on the path to working joints?

Mind you, if the damage is too far, I recommend doing the Yogata course.

But, if you are merely suffering a little joint pain, then your solution is going to be The Master Instructor Course.

One last word, using the body correctly fixes a lot of injuries, and not just knee replacements and hip replacements…it also effects such things as heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and so on.

This is backed up by testimonials in old martial arts books, which testimonials are sadly lacking in today’s martial arts.

If you are definitely damaged and in need of repair, check out Yogata.

If you are suffering pain, but don’t think you are seriously damaged now, and want to make sure that you reverse the trend and don’t become damaged, don’t require a knee replacement or hop replacement, then check out The Master instructor Course at

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