Your Martial Arts Self Defense Worked…Do You Turn Yourself In?

Martial Arts for Real Self Defense

In 45 years of Martial Arts self defense training I have only heard of one fellow killing somebody with the martial arts. He was jumped, killed the guy with an actual technique, and turned himself in. He was quickly released.

These days things are different. Whether you watch the videos on youtube of the police dragging people out of their house, or saw the clip on the beating death of Kelly Thomas by the police, or just believe that homeland Security really is stocking up on ammo to backbone a coup by Barack Obama…things are different.

martial arts self defense

A martial arts self defense question

So here’s the martial arts self defense scenario.

Times are tough, and you have a job whereby you drive down alleys and pick up recyclables. You have been doing this for a short while, people understand what you are doing and it is legal and okay and actually a benefit to the community.

You stop to throw some newspapers in your truck. As you do so, a bum comes out from behind a garage and attacks you. He is obviously not of this neighborhood, you have no idea, but the guy is beating on you. No weapons, but he is bigger than you, and the ferocity of his attack makes you fear for your life.

You hit him and kick him, using your martial arts self defense moves, but he stays on the attack. He is wearing you down!

You finally slip a punch and get him in a rear naked choke.

He struggles, you squeeze, and it’s naptime.

You struggle to your feet, look down at him, and…he isn’t breathing! In the excitement of the moment you crushed his throat, and he is dead. Your martial arts self defense worked a little too good!

Now, the police in this town have a reputation for brutality. You are afraid that you won’t be able to pick up recyclables. You are afraid you will be thrown in jail. You don’t have the money for an expensive lawyer.

The law is probably on your side, you were defending yourself, it was an accident, but the fact that you know martial arts will probably be used against you.

There are no witnesses.

Okay, so do you turn yourself in, or not?

I know what the law says, but take my scenario at face value, and tell me what you would do.

We all recognize that this scenario and question that I have posed is for discussion, and not a recommendation to break any law.

Use the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Your Martial Arts Self Defense Worked…Do You Turn Yourself In?

  1. Anonymous

    Dude once its “nap time” the martial artists should know that he has one the fight thus able to get away (to the police) If you kill a unconscious person laying on the ground then you have lost the control of the situation. Dont get me wrong if someone was attacked in a life an death situation then some one most probably will be killed, but if your are trained in self defence and use it with out excessive force to stop the attacker then your Martial Arts should help you in a court.
    Me: if some one attacked me in a ally i would problem act out of fright, witch is dangerous.
    but if i had good strong confidence in a Martial Art I could take control of the situation and end it on my terms. control is key

  2. aganzul Post author

    But should you get away to the police if you know there is a good chance you will be arrested and thrown in prison? You didn’t just kill him, but killed him in a real fight to the death, but…should you turn yourself in? Or just get out of there and live your life?


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