Martial Arts Religious Book

A Win for a Martial Arts Religious Book!

Here’s a win I received some time ago for prologue. It’s a little egghead, but dot let that put you off, the book is simple.

Prologue is the first book of neutronics, which is the science behind the science of matrixing. And matrixing is the science behind martial arts.

martial arts bookA martial artist can monkey see monkey do his way through the martial arts. Takes a while, but there are spectacular results.

A fellow who has matrixes the martial arts has mastered the martial arts, logically, in a short period of time.

A fellow who studies neutronics understands the martial arts.

These three levels can be equated to this:

a martial artist can drive a car.

A matrixed martial artist can fix a car.

A neutronicist can build a car.

Except we are talking about not cars, but martial arts specifically, and life.

Here’s the win.

Mr. Case,

I want to thank you profoundly for sending me that little book called Prologue. You may or may not have heard of an old fraternal organization known as The Golden Dawn but Neutronics in many ways reminds a great deal of the conclusions that you will encounter and discover within that system… but you reach them by an entirely different path. Very powerful stuff, life changing really.

Matrixing is phenomenal, as I read the concept began to unfold in my mind. The beauty, the simplicity, and the power of this way of thinking blew me away. I’ve had exposure to the concept before. In digital logic and more specifically boolean algebra what you call a matrix is used to explore the function and to simply digital circuits. In computer programming these are known as multi-dimensional arrays. In order to express multiple dimensions in a two dimensional way you have to use… a matrix. Except that you have taken this concept of manipulating computer storage and modeling three dimensional space out of the computer, out of the electronic circuit and transformed into a mode of human thought. This is an astounding breakthough, I believe you have unlocked the key to the human mind thinking in three dimensions and beyond. After all, a three dimensional concept of space would be a 1×3 matrix of height,width,depth and even time would be only one more element in the matrix… matrixing actually makes concepts vastly more complex than this simple.

Thank you for the karate and the power kicks as well. I look forward to encoding these arts within my mind in a nice neat matrix of neural connections.

You can pick up Prologue at Church of Martial Arts.

So, if you feel like looking, I won’t stop you. Have a great day, Al

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