Gunfighter Zen

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Great week to you!
a GREAT work out!
Every work out is a prayer,
so who are you praying to?
To the divine spark within,
that it may manifest and brighten the entire and glorious world!
That’s who!

I have never had more people respond,
than to the last newsletter!
A few of you fellows,
have itchy trigger fingers.

I’m not going to go into the specifics,
we would end up with a forum
and lots of different ideas.
let’s talk about that extra rule I threw in,
that got the most comment of all the rules.
Here it is…

‘keep your gun loaded and ready
until somebody with a star says to freeze.’

The most interesting comment I received on that one
came from a fellow in Texas.
You know,
the place where lots of gunfighters came from?

He said,

If someone with a star says freeze and you elect not to, prepare for a gunfight with a professional who probably shoots at least 200 rounds a month and practices all sorts of different firing courses. Your choice. Choose wisely.

Got to grin on that one,
I have a slightly different opinion.
Mind you,
I would follow this advice if possible,
but nagging in the back of my mind
is the fact that here in Los Angeles
the cops aren’t always in control.

There was the mid east fellow
who pointed a cell phone at the cops
and got puncturized a few dozen times.

Then there was Thomas Kelly,
a homeless, mentally ill fellow
about 5 foot 6,
who was beaten to death by
a half dozen LARGE officers.

Just recently,
there was a cop who put his boot
on the neck of a fellow
who was handcuffed on the ground,
told him to stop struggling,
then taz-ed him.

And I’ve got DOZENS of incidents like that.

in all fairness,
if you knew the kinds of crazies
the LA cops had to deal with,
you might not blame them.
do you see the quandary here?
For all the good cops…
how do you know the officer holding a gun on you
is a good one?
The fact that he didn’t shoot already
is not in itself

your best bet for survival,
even if the world goes crazy
and ALL cops turn criminal,
is to learn the martial arts.
You have the peace of mind,
you understand about compliance,
and you understand about fighting back
if necessary.

My best advice on this matter,
would probably be to leave the scene of the crime,
and have your lawyer turn you in.
depending on the circumstances,
follow the advice of Bob Lee Swagger
and dig a deep hole back in the woods.

Okay, okay,
so I’ve gone far overboard,
but you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about things like this.
Usually over a beer or eight,
but we live in a crazy world,
and let’s cross our fingers,
and work out extra hard,
that we never have to look at this extra rule.

let’s travel back to the martial arts.
Did you know that I put the 3 Month black Belt Course
on a special site,
and put it in download form?
If you go to
and nose around,
you will find something called
120 Video Lessons to Black Belt!
you can do the course
as a download.
All 120 segments,
all the lessons,
and $25 cheaper.

Isn’t that a lot more fun than a gunfight?
And my rather dubious advice concerning gunfights?

speaking of gunfights,
and gunfighters,
you might want to consider the quote from last newsletter,

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”

Lot’s of meanings,
almost zen-ish,
or Taoistic,
you know?

So where did it come from?
not many got this one.

it was in ‘Shooter,’
and has been attributed to various sources,
but the earliest source I found was…

Doc Holliday!

who knows the truth,
Doc Holliday?
Makes you think,
I mean,
how zen were those gunfighters of the wild west?

I’ll have another quote for you at the bottom of the newsletter.
For now,
remember to go to that URL.
And look around for the 120 lessons to Black Belt course.

Have a great work out,
and then sit back and watch…
great things are going to happen to you!


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Okay, who said…

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

And do you think it is true?

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