The Problem with Martial Arts Instructors

Martial Arts Instructors Problems…

martial arts instructor

Does your karate form look like this?

This article, the problem with Martial Arts Instructors, is not meant to be an attack, rather an enlightenment. Consider the points I make, then consider yourself as an instructor, see if you are a True Martial Arts Instructor, or…something else.

There are the common problems of the Martial Arts Instructors, and we are talking the lowest of the low.

One of these would be the fellows who demand discipline and deserved respect, but rather see dominance. They just want to be in charge, be the whip cracker, and they have as their goal the suppression of students, unless that student happens to end up like them, a dominator who demands bows instead of perfection.

Then there is the money hog martial arts instructor. He is in it for the business. Yes, we do have to make a living, but these guys haven’t looked at another system for years, have not upgraded their own learning, except to learn about unbreakable contracts and how to re-sign somebody…instead of relying on the Martial Art being delivered perfectly and in such a way that the student yearns to resign.

The physical hound of a Martial Arts instructor. More into push ups and the perfect body, not into perfection of technique, and how that technique elevates the student into his or her own character.

The True Believer Martial Arts instructor, a fellow who believes that his system is right, who bad mouths all other systems. This is a fellow who cannot learn. And, if he cannot learn, how can he hope to teach?

In naming these types of Martial Arts instructors we are really isolating character deficiencies, and that is a shame. The fellow who seeks trophies as opposed to himself, the guy who wants to use the dojo to pick up chicks, these are lame, and they do not do the true art service.

The ideal Martial Arts instructor might have dabbles of these deficiencies, but in such a way that they become attributes, and this makes it difficult to isolate and identify the good martial arts instructors.

The best martial arts instructor, however, will have one character attribute above all others. He will not inject his own character into the art, but rather let the art speak.

He will move in such a way that others will admire, but he will not make judgment, not towards other systems, and certainly not within his own school. He is interested in teaching the art, not in being a celebrity or authority or something else other than a person who shares art.

The message here is to teach the art, don’t teach the self. Don’t speak and draw attention away form the True Art, rather, let the True Art speak, and all will listen.

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