Using Martial Arts to Raise Awareness

Awareness in the Martial Arts


let’s talk Martial Arts.

Let’s say somebody goes to hit you.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get him to stop his punch,
in the perfect place
so you could precisely wack his arm?

martial tube

Add water and Martial Arts…grow bigger!

Interesting thing is…
that is what happens when you do martial arts for a while.
You see,
you practice your timing
and practice and practice,
what is timing?

time is the measurement of the universe.
Time is when you measure how long
it takes something at point A to reach point B.
Measurement of motion in the universe.
That’s all time is.

I laugh when I hear these egghead types talk about time
being the fourth dimension.
Of course it is,

You see,
there isn’t a machine that can slow down time,
so the knowledge is useless.
awareness can slow down time,
and here’s where the martial arts kick in.

discipline increases awareness.
Martial Arts discipline is probably
the most efficient discipline in the universe,
so it increases awareness the most and the fastest.

You look at a punch hard enough,
and you start to see the pieces.
It’s sort of like watching a baseball cross the plate.
You stand there and hold the bat,
and you focus your awareness on the ball,
over time,
you start to see things.
The stitching,
slowly turning.
And you watch and you watch,
and you see faded blue ink on the ball.
And you watch some more,
and the ink says…
‘made in China.’

You had to force yourself to stand and watch,
to focus your awareness on the ball.
That took discipline,
in the end,
you got more awareness.
will it help you hit 300?


And that is the value of awareness.

in the martial arts you watch the punch,
and watch and watch,
and the punch slows down so you can wack it!.

One of the most worthwhile exercises for a newbie
is to just let them stand there,
and have somebody punch as hard as they can
and stop on their nose,
and have the newbie just watch it.

the newbie will stop blinking.
And that means he has used discipline
to overcome his automatic response.
He can now stay aware in the face of danger.
He can stay aware in combat.
He can stay aware,
and thus focus his own technique.

He has,
in essence,
used awareness to slow down time,
to see the ink on the fist…
‘made in rage.’
And rage won’t scare him again.

he will reach the point where the fist comes
and he will slip between the moments of time,
and strike the arm that holds the fist
as if it was standing still.

He has used awareness to stop time.

you want to know something interesting?
There is a video on youtube
of Steven Seagal teaching some MMA guy,
I think it was Anderson Silva,
and he is actually trying to get Anderson to see this,
to stay calm and aware,
and just put his fist out there
in between the slices of time.

Go ahead,
find and watch,
see if you agree.

Mind you,
Seagal shows amazing prowess in understanding this,
and much awareness,
the difference is that it took him decades of Aikido
to see this,
and he can only show it to people
who are already superior in understanding their sense of timing
and the mechanics of a fight.

the sad thing,
MMA will not enhance a persons ability in this matter.
If you obsess on beating somebody else,
on subduing awareness,
then it subdues your own awareness.
What you do is what you get.

The only way to get this ability
is to gain the discipline to enhance your awareness.
Doing martial arts forms and techniques does this.

Here’s the funny thing.
Do a bad art and the discipline is weaker,
do a strong, well organized art
and the discipline really kicks in
and the awareness really grows.
go ahead,
stand in one spot and have somebody punch with all their force
and stop on the tip of your nose.
It won’t be long before you’re almost bored,
and then you’re going to start looking at what is happening,
and examining the fist,
and the motion of the fist,
and you’re going to see all sorts of things,
and you are going to find yourself a little out of your head
when you start practicing your techniques.

Do it a lot,
and it won’t be long before you understand
what it means to slow down time,
to slip your technique ‘between’ time.

Your opponent will think you are magic,
but you’re really just aware.

all this happened to me because of the Kang Duk Won.
I became able to teach it because of Matrixing.
I had the same trouble Steven Seagal had
in getting others to understand what I was doing
until I established matrixing.
Matrixing is,
in essence,
a new language,
a language designed to enable people
to understand these things that I am talking about.
Not mushin no shin,
a loosely defined Japanese term
meaning mind of no mind,
but a method to get rid of distraction
and experience the vast ‘space’ of awareness
that a human being really is.
Not people getting stupider through life,
but using discipline to grow awareness.

that all said,
please take advantage of the low prices.
I have to support Monkeyland,
and that means I have to raise prices.

Here’s the URL for the new site again…

Don’t forget to check out the Seagal video,
and don’t forget to practice having
somebody punch to your nose
and learn to stay aware.
And don’t forget to go to the Kang Duk Won site.

And I’ll talk to you later.
Have a Great Work Out!


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