Tunnel Vision in the Martial Arts!

Tunnel Vision as a Form of Fanaticism

Oinky donkey,

two things…

hittin’ the road on the Matrixing tour again.
End of August,
a couple of weeks into September.
Through Las Vegas,
up to Zion National Park,
then down through Arizona,
then left to Texas.
Let me know if I’m passing by.
Maybe we can get together.

let’s talk about the value of tunnel vision.
You don’t have to be a fanatic to get tunnel vision,
but it certainly helps.

The thing is,
I am talking about a specific type of tunnel vision.

When I was getting my Black Belt,
back in ’74,
lots of weird things happened.
there were the martial arts things.
(Coordinated body Motion)
turned on,
which turned on internal energy,
which made the whole world a different place to live in.
Had some weird dreams,
and the texture of my dreams changed forever.
I actually don’t have dreams anymore.
I have awareness inside dreams,
to be precise,
sort of outside the body experiences
while in my dreams that aren’t dreams.

Weird stuff.

So this is happening to me,
and I went to my instructor and asked,
‘Bob, have you ever had anything weird happen to you?’

You wouldn’t think I would get anywhere
with such a lame question,
but he knew exactly what I was talking about.
‘I get in a tunnel,
like I’m sixty feet above my opponent.’

He was getting outside his body.

I thought that was unique to him,
but some twenty years later,
when I was as old as he was
when he was answering my question,
I found out that whenever I freestyled
it was looking down a long tube at my opponent.

Not sixty feet,
like Bob,
more like a dozen feet,
but it was happening all the time!

Not just a one time thing,
but every time I bowed and faced and set for the freestyle.

It was – is – enjoyable.
Makes me very calm.
In charge.

It was like the edges of the world faded out,
and I was looking through a short telescope.
I could see everything,
I could see thoughts borning,
I could see the tell tale lurches
of body and mind
as the slow and frail flesh
started into motion.

here’s the funny thing,
the more I did this,
the slower time got.
the truly freaky thing,
as I got more and more intense,
I found that I could influence my opponent’s sense of time.

I was actually getting older,
not as much muscle,
but I always seemed to be able to slip in the strike
right in the middle of my opponent’s preparations.


why can’t you do that?
It’s merely a matter of channeling your awareness,
training yourself to see the world a certain way,
focusing your energies.

you can,
martial arts will get you there if you simply persist.
being a fanatic is certainly going to help.
knowing what I am saying here
will make that target real.

the big thing,
why wait until you’re as old as my instructor,
or me,
before you get it?

Why not matrix,
make sense out of the martial arts,
make it all logical,
and then zip through to the weird things?

I mean,
why not?
You got something better to do?

I tell you,
cars and houses are temporary.
But that human experience…

So get some matrixing,
see the logic,
turn fanatic,
and get there…quick!

To be brutal about it…
don’t die before you get there!

Double Oinky Donkey!

shoot me an email
if I’m coming by,
I might not be able to stop,
I might be able.

And here’s the URL for a great Matrixing course,
one of the courses that will truly change the way you do the martial arts.


Have a Neutronic Work out!


Have you checked out The Bodyguard Training Manual?

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