New Tai Chi Chuan Expert!

The Real Way to Do Tai Chi Chuan!

Congrats to Justin Harris!
Justin just submitted a truly spectacular video
of himself doing Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

this is Justin’s third promotion,
which means he has two different arts
and the Master Instructor Course,
which puts him at 3rd black!
Well done Justin!

He’s getting better at the videos,
one video,
his expertise shining,
and he passed.

Once you struggle through one or two,
it starts to get easy.
Knowledge accumulates,
and it is like falling off a log.

i would be remiss if I didn’t mention
a clever trick Justin utilized.

Don’t have a work out partner?
Simply film yourself teaching class.
He gathered a few people together,
and his applications
were like giving a seminar,
and he just free flowed through them,
translating the form quickly and easily.

well done,

you may have read his win
I might have posted it earlier,
or at least the trick he utilized
to help himself pick up the Five Army TCC.

Working through the fifth army of the Tai Chi form and I have to say wow. I took your advice and played the forms like a tiger, a dragon, a crane, a snake, a leopard, the whole bloody menagerie. I did the Karate forms like Tiger, Dragon and Crane. This is such a unique experience that I just had to tell you that one section of the Tai Chi course can make 20 some odd years of Tai Chi training something revolutionary. I can play all the Shaolin five animals regardless of forms and I think really that is what the Shaolin monks actually meant. Bravo Sir. Good stuff.

Justin Harris

Makes it sound easy,
doesn’t he?
Well, it is,
and it gives you deeper understanding of the motions,
and emotions,
involved in martial arts.
And you can apply this training trick
to any martial art!
Just change the motion
and emotion
of your moves
and you start to understand things.

Understanding can come from twenty or thirty years
of diehard dedicated practice,
or it can come in a few months
by simply learning how to shift your viewpoints
of the martial arts…
and of yourself.

just to let you know,
one more martial art
and it is fourth black,
the first master’s level.

And you can see it happening in Justin,
the sheer joy he experiences
is written not just on his face,
but in his body motions.
And he speaks in concepts.
It’s a very interesting thing
to hear somebody speak in concepts,
the explanation is there,
you see,
but the concept is stated in a single sentence.

I could go on and on,
but I think I’ll just compliment Justin again,
and point out that it is him.
I open the door,
but he built the house,
he put in the work,
he applied his mind,
he’s the one doing it,
and I certainly encourage everybody…
do it.
Measure your life by
the education of your work.
Don’t waste it doing what others want you to do…
live life to the fullest
by doing what you want to do,
and especially if it is the martial arts,
because that is the path to the self.

Okley dokley…
here’s the link

Five Army Tai ChiChuan

Have a Tai Chi Day,
and the best work out in the world!


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