What to Do When You Run Out of Ammo!

Running Out of Ammo!

Happy work out Tuesday to all!
I’m a day late,
but I have something interesting to say.
So get ready to work out!

I was reading a survival newsletter
and the big deal in this letter
was that the guy was only allotted one box of ammunition.
Seems everybody is sold out.
Government has bought up all the ammunition.

Sort of funny,
the government doesn’t trust the people,
so homeland Security buys more ammo
than was used in World War 2.
And the people don’t trust the government
so they want to buy ammo!

if it does come to a civil war,
I’m going to keep my head down.

the point of all this is this:
what do you do when you don’t have ammo?
this question can be rigged several different ways.

What do you do if you run out of ammo?
If your gun jams?
If you can’t get to your gun?
If you don’t have a gun?
If the other guy has more guns?
Has the drop on you?
If there are too many to take out with a gun?
When you can’t get he gun out of the safe?
can’t get the child proof lock off?
And so on and so on.

I am setting up a scenario here,
and the scenario is quite real…
when a fight happens,
and when it progresses,
what are you going to do when guns are no longer a factor?

This is an interesting question,
because most fights will have,
if not guns,
then some weapons involved.
A mugger will with you with a club.
A home invader will come at you with a knife.
A burglar will…
and so on.

And the point is this…
you have to understand weapons.

Now when I first started martial arts,
back in the middle ages (of last century)
we did have weapons.
I practiced the staff set in Kenpo.
I learned the double stick set in Kwon Bup.
I learned the aikido jo form.
And I used to get books
and I practiced from them the
single sword,
rope dart,
so on.

And I was less than enthused with all of them.
seems the guys I worked out with
always liked weapons,
got all excited about them,
but i found them…
less than useful.

The Kwon Bup double stick form,
for instance,
I found it difficult,
and even opposed to the basic principles of the system
to try and focus a stick.
Seems like you should let it swing through,
make circles,
like I later learned was in escrima styles.

And the aiki pole,
I knew there was stuff there,
but I had the thought,
this is extraneous,
this takes more than one form,
I am dabbling here.

I will say,
that the suburito exercises,
which I learned from an Aikido book (Saito?)
were quite excellent.
I spent a year focusing on them,
and they taught me a lot,
and probably the best stuff
up until I put together the Blinding Steel.

The Suburito provided me with basics that I was lacking.

the reason I put the Blinding Steel package together
was because I was unhappy with weapons training,
and because weapons needed matrixing.

I am always a believer in quick and fast methods
that rely on logic.

I never like systems
which take too long too learn,
or are unrealistic
such as in the methods I mention above.

I wanted a system of weapons
that I could be learned (taught)
within a month.

Blinding Steel is not system of techniques,
especially once you come to the disarms part,
you will find some rather intriguing techniques.
It is a system of geometries.
Perfect geometries.
that blend together
and mix and match
with anything
an opponent has to offer.

Blinding Steel is set up in eight modules,
each module is very slightly more difficult,
but is also a logical step.

Do the modules in order,
and the first four are learned about as fast as you can read.
Maybe a week
if you went through the modern school system (grin).
Then it starts to get a little more difficult,
but I would say three to four weeks.

So a month,
and you can use anything as a weapon,
and you are well grounded
as to how to take a weapon away from somebody
which means to disarm and lock them up.

you could bash the crap out of anybody,
there is a section on how to translate the art into striking,
but I like the grab arts.
I always hold that taking somebody down is more difficult
and more artistic.

While there is an art to destruction,
the true art is in control.

I was thinking about this the other day,
there is no end to the degree of polish you can accomplish,
in striking or throwing,
but there seems to be more polish in throwing.
After all,
you reach a point where you can kill somebody with a strike,
and you could keep polishing,
but…but he’s already dead?
So what’s the use of more polish?

as you get older,
you find softer ways to takedown,
different tricks and variations
on dropping somebody with a finger.
It gets interesting.

I always recommend that people learn the hard,
they learn how to kick and punch and block
with the best of them,
then focus on the grab arts,
on the flow and control of the martial arts.

the point of this newsletter
is that you need to understand weapons,
cause you might be out of ammo some day,
and you will need to go to sticks and clubs,
if you don’t even have a stick or club,
and the other guy does,
then you need a system
that will teach you how to deal with weapons
while you have none.

Blinding Steel.
quicker than fast to learn,
easy to absorb
because you are not memorizing random strings of moves,
but rather learning a logical geometry.

So think about it.
Do some weapons.
My favorite training device
was to just pick up a staff,
or hold some swords or knives,
and just do my forms.
when you get tired of that,
just check out the Blinding Steel course.


Oinkey Doinkey,
that’s about it.
Hope I’ve made my points about weapons here,
and you guys and gals
have a great work out!


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