Dissecting the One Punch One Kill Concept

One Punch One Kill!

Let’s talk about
‘One punch, one kill.’

I’ve always loved that concept,
the idea that,
like Mas Oyama,
you could give that nasty, old bull one punch,
and he would fall over,
instant hamburger…
wouldn’t that just make you
the baddest dude in the hood?

Click on the cover to find out more!

Click on the cover to find out more!

I think the term originated
in the Japanese schools of the fifties.
If it didn’t,
it should have.
I can just see some maniacal oriental
shouting at his class
as they dripped blood
‘One punch…one kill!’
In Japanese, of course.

Things were tough back then,
and Karate was young,
and the Japanese were renowned
for their savage zealotry.

during my early training we had that concept in mind,
sort of.
I say sort of because
we were always encouraged to ‘focus’
all the power in the moment of the strike.
as young turks,
we went for it.
Strain the muscles,
make the frame rigid upon impact,
it was years before I figured out
other ways.

I won’t say that a degree of insane rigidity
in a punch is wrong.
It is just a young man’s game,
a lesson on the way to being an old man
an easier way of doing martial arts,
and I think it is a better way.
Of course,
I might be biased,
as I am an old man
and can’t get that rigid anymore.

the point of focus here
is to bring not just the body together,
but the spirit.

the mind is just a bunch of memory,
so we only concentrate on using the body,
to reveal the spirit.

When we focus the body long enough,
we learn to focus awareness.
And awareness is spirit.
Focus awareness and you focus spirit.

Read the Patanjali if you don’t believe me.
That is one of the oldest religious tracts,
and it becomes understandable if you develop discipline
and thus awareness,
through practice of the martial arts.
In the Patanjali there is much talk of becoming aware
as the solution to the universe.

So one punch one kill
is fine to exhort a young man to fanatical purpose
but only so long as it leads him to
focusing awareness,
which will teach him something about himself.

It is the moment we must seek,
the moment of awareness
that tells us that we are awareness.

Awareness is what you can’t measure,
it doesn’t exist in this universe,
illuminates this universe,
watches this universe from outside the universe.

Go on,
read the bible,

Genesis 1
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

God would be ALL awareness,
and heaven is awareness,
and earth is the things of the universe.

Go on, read past that point,
but plug in the word ‘awareness’ for light.
It will be highly illuminating.

if you practice martial arts to create awareness in the moment,
if you focus your body,
and learn to understand the focusing of awareness
that is in that concept and technique,
then you will discover the truth of yourself.

One punch one kill is valid,
especially if you are young,
but the main focus of this concept
should be..
one punch = one moment of awareness,
of focused and concentrated awareness,
that leads one to an appreciation of the self
as awareness,
and not just a hunk of meat.

Told you I was going to get weird,
and now you know the kind of stuff
that floats through the mind
of a Monkeylander.

Speaking of which,
be patient,
Monkeyland is almost here.
Getting closer.
Cross your fingers,
and send me your kind thoughts.

here is a wonderful method
for focusing awareness.


What is cool is to try and do your form
with the same type of mental and physical emotion
I display in the video on that page.
Makes for a VERY interesting
translation of Martial Arts form.

get the book,
figure out how to put out the candle from a distance,
and do your forms using that method in each technique.
Your form will become VERY enlightened.

oinkey donkey,
you guys and gals…
have a Funomenal work out!


Matrixing Chi


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