The Day the President Killed the United States!

My new conspiracy novel is going great! 

The Day the President Killed the United States has got to be the most thought provoking read ever printed.

After all, a president committing treason?

president killed

cllick on the cover and check out the book!

Assassinating the United States!

Ending the United States!

Yet, the real shocker is that everything I say in this novel is true. I cover the executive orders and how they have been designed to destroy the united states.

And the weapons of mass destruction I use…holy crap!

Sure, I know there are people that think that conspiracies theories are wacky, and the people who believe in them are nuts, but I just read a study which claimed that people who believe in conpsiracy theories are more sane than those people who merely believe what is put before them! Who believe in the media pablum handed to them by the powers that be!

So if you want a good read, if you want an exciting read where the actual possibility of the united states being destroyed is explored…if you want to be more than an idiot who sits and watches TV and believes the hairheads that tell you not to look, everything is all right, don’t worry…then go to Amazon/kindle and check out The Day the President Killed the United States!





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