Shaolin Butterfly Promotion

New Expertin Shaolin Gung Fu

congratulations to Master Instructor Kurt Nelle’
for finishing the Shaolin Butterfly Course.
Here is his win…

Shaolin Butterfly Gung Fu

…Once I was able to start practicing the program physically with a training partner… Things really started to click. I would train the program at my gym, then head home and review the material again. During this process, I would recognize things from all your  other programs that I had previously studied and all of a sudden everything became very clear to me. Matrixing other systems I have learned in the past became quick and simple! I found that I was only applying Matrixing to the systems that I had received from you (mental laziness on my part). As a test, I applied matrixing to the  Chun System that I have been practicing for 20 years and found that I was able to finally make sense to one of my students whom was having some coordination issues. I found that just teaching the system in the Matrix format wasn’t enough, but once I taught the student the actual Matrix system as taught in your Matrix Karate program, the student was actually able to teach herself Wing Chun using the techniques I taught her, and her new knowledge of the matrix chart and process. This truly was a Win!

I have spent almost a year on the Shaolin Butterfly Program albeit somewhat on and off, and feel I have benefited most from this program. Possibly because I spent so much time on it, but it definitely brought it all together for me!

At the end of all print material included with your courses, you request an email describing any wins that may occur during the learning of the program. Well this is one I wish I could have sent sooner but better late then never. I use quite a bit of this program, if not all, with my regular student as well as in some seminars I have done. I just hope I am doing it justice but people I teach really do seam to enjoy it. It fills the need many people have for a traditional martial art while providing sound useable defense.

Respectfully, Kurt A. Nelle’

Thank you Kurt,
you really make my day,
and for several important reasons
that really need to be mentioned.

people miss the fact
that I offer promotions at the end of many of my courses.
The conditions are simple.
Do the Master Instructor Course,
and do the course you wish to be tested in,
and send a video in.
If that isn’t easy enough,
I don’t charge for video testing
(first two videos)
and have even been known to waive the condition
if the person has experience,
is running a school
or otherwise actively teaching,
and so on.

I want people to get better at the martial arts.
Do you understand?
I want to help people get better.
That is the sole motivation
behind Monster Martial Arts.

there is honest revelation in Kurt’s win.
He has obviously understood matrixing on a larger level.
Some people,
a large number,
understand Matrixing right from the get go.
They charge right in,
go through the courses,
and they are pulled along.
The logic of matrixing pulls them.

Some people don’t get it,
a very few,
and that is fine.
They either have other things they should be doing,
or there is something going on with their mind
that they refuse the logic.
They don’t understand that Matrixing
would fix that part of their mind,
and they don’t trust the courses,
or some other mental quirk,
and they quit,
and that really is too bad.

The thing is
if you don’t get matrixing right from the get go,
take an honest look at yourself,
you ARE getting better.
Your understanding of the martial arts,
the way you move your body
the way you do forms and techniques
HAS improved.

So keep going.

You WILL have realization as you proceed.
If you do the work,
and don’t quit,
your realization is pretty much guaranteed.

You simply can’t have such an influx of pure data
and NOT have a realization.

And the realization is as Kurt outlines above.
It may take different form,
people are different,
and it may even look different.
if you carefully exam the Master Instructor wins,
or the unique wins after somebody does a course,
there is a manifestation of understanding
that cannot be denied.

your realization will be stronger,
will mean more,
if you are teaching.
Kurt had a student that wasn’t getting it,
until he matrixed the student,
and now the student is matrixing.

It’s just that powerful.

It’s not just the system…
it is the matrixing that puts logic into the mind.
The logic of matrixing is the software,
once the software is plugged into the mind,
the mind matrixes.
It is that simple.

as Kurt indicates,
it takes work.

The first person who did the Shaolin Butterfly over the net
Stephen D
a while back,
worked at it for years.
I didn’t know him,
he didn’t even have a video,
just the original book
before I put the whole course together.
He didn’t quit.
That is the secret.
Don’t just do the forms
and move on,
do the forms day after day,
that’s when things happen.

The second person who did Shaolin Butterfly over the net,
Justin H.
He worked that system over,
worked it with the Butterfly Pa Kua,
and he did it day after day.
Do you understand?

I promise fast results,
but don’t think I am not preaching hard work over time.

you have to get excited,
and become convinced,
and really DO the martial arts.

Not just dabble.

in speaking with Kurt,
he said something else.

I did enjoy all the forms but found the six step forms useful for teaching others. The two man practice gave me great ideas for doing two person Pakua practice. As a matter of fact, the Shaolin Butterfly program gave me much better insight of the Butterfly Pakua program. I also feel that it was the amount of time I spent on the program that made the difference.

Do you understand?
The Shaolin Butterfly is built
to plug into the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

He says ‘more ideas,’
his awareness is growing,
and fast!
he says it right here,
‘the amount of time!’

I don’t know what else I can say.
I offer not just complete martial arts systems,
but the method for understanding them FAST,
don’t just do them,
take the time,
do them day after day,
invest yourself in them,
they will invest in you.

You can take a horse to water,
but in this case,
you can can take a martial artist to the door of understanding,
but you can’t make him go through it.
That is up to him (her).

That is up to you.

Get the idea?

Here’s the link…

And thanks again,
Master Instructor Kurt Nelle’,
expert in the Shaolin Butterfly.
You really made my day.


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