Light Kung Fu Can Be Made Out of Any Martial Art

Change Your Martial Art into Light Kung Fu

It’s true, Light Kung Fu can be made out of any art you study, and that includes Karate, Silat, Aikido, whatever! In fact, it is incredibly simple!

All you have to do is go get some cinderblocks, set them on end, and do your forms (kata) on them! Instant Light Kung Fu!

light kung fu

The author developing his Light Kung Fu.

Here are some hints to help you out in this search for light body kung fu.

You don’t need a lot of blocks. As little as four, but you can use as many as you want.

It is best to lay them on the side the first few times you do this. After you are comfortable (won’t take but a day or two), you stand them on end. After a week or two, you can lay two on the side. Then you can go to one on end on top of one on end, and then two on end, and so on.

You want to pick a good surface to eliminate wobble. And when you purchase the cinder blocks, set them on end and pick out the ones with the least wobble.

IMPORTANT: when you fall, learn to pick up your feet and search for a place to land. You don’t want to break an ankle by stepping on the falling cinderblock.

Now, this method of light kung fu has been around for years. It is called sunken post, or sunken pillar training. Usually you dig holes and ascend poles until you are six or eight feet off the ground, striking kung fu postures and dancing around like a kung fu crane.

But, that’s a lot of work, so my method is simpler and quicker, and saves a lot of digging and measuring and leveling and basic construction work.

Nothing wrong with the ancient sunken pole method, especially if you are an official kung fu school, but, my method of light kung fu is just easier.

Now, the main area where you grow is going to be in balance.

Everything I balance. From being able to stop yourself in a karate charge without falling forward, to the delicate hourlong meditation of holding the bowl. Everything is balance.

So standing on a couple of cinderblocks on end is going to give you tremendous balance.

First, you will feel awkward, the body will shift back and forth in attempts to keep your balance.

After a while your kung fu maneuvering will become second nature, and it will be as natural as walking, and you will likely feel a nice, little glow developing in your tan tien.

The muscles on both sides of the leg, you see, are going to fire up, work back and forth, and that will start up the body energy generator, which is what the tan tien is.

And that is how you create light kung fu out of Karate, or taekwondo, or pa kua, or…ANY…Martial Art.

Here’s a great article in which the author demonstrates light kung fu. And here’s a great piece on how to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

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