Matrix Martial Arts Opens the Door to Neutronics!

How Matrix Martial Arts Became Neutronics

Matrix Martial Arts, seems like I’ve been writing about it for a long time, but it’s just a short time. It’s just that there is so much to it. As simple as it is, it becomes huge as it changes you and alters you, morphs you into something that is not quite a human being any longer, something bigger than a human being.

You’ve heard the old expression ‘Light at the end of the tunnel?’

matrix martial arts

One way of breaking down the martial arts. Learn matrixing to learn other ways…

Well, I’m at the end of the tunnel, and when you look back you see it was just a hole, and all you see is the darkness inside that hole.

Matrixing provides the light that enables you to see that you are in a hole, and how to find the exit to that despairing pit.

So you get a matrix martial arts course. Maybe it is Matrix Karate, or Matrix Aikido, or whatever, and you do it. Suddenly, you see things. And, you start to move a little faster. You see, the things you didn’t understand were slowing you down. Anybody who doesn’t understand that confusion makes you slower is…confused.

Now, to be honest, some people can’t overcome the confusion; some people even LIKE the confusion.

‘Oh, I’m studying another culture!’ Or some stuff like that. But studying another culture doesn’t enable you to understand body motion, it just titillates your mind.

No offense, that’s just the facts, Max.

The martial arts are a body discipline, and if they are done right, the mind will open up. Learning a different culture while you’re going through that procedure actually ads extraneous data, and therefore…confusion.

Now, having said that, let me explain something here. Matrixing is like software. When you run it through the the bigger software program (your mind) it tends to change that larger software.

The martial arts get easier to understand, quicker to do, easier to absorb. And, your mind starts to understand faster, is quicker to learn, seems to just absorb the world is a faster, smoother way.

And, when the world is all smooth and easy to understand, you have Neutronics.

Matrixing is like a big radar program that puts all the potential incoming flows into order. But, once they are all in order, then you select the one incoming flow that you are dealing with, and that is a leap into Neutronics.

Let me break that down for you.

The universe is filled with objects that have a path. That path is often aimed at you. Matrixing enables you to sort through the entire universe, pick out the objects that you have to deal with, and shows you how to deal with them.

There comes a time, however, when you have isolated the largest, closest fist or foot, and you have to shut down the matrixing radar that has enabled you to find the threat, and turn on the more focused analysis of the exact threat to you.

This is a matter of focused awareness.

Matrixing shows you what to focus on, Neutronics increases that focus.

A personal analogy: Matrixing never taught me how to put out a candle at a distance, Neutronics did. But I never would have found the candle without matrixing.

And, the testimonials that you will see on the Monster Martial Arts site prove this.

Most of the testimonials are from people who have been in the martial arts for a long time.

Beginners write a few testimonials, matrixing works for them, but much of the time beginners haven’t delved into the martial arts, input all the mixed up data, and found themselves filled with thirty years of confusion.

Beginners only see the martial arts, and don’t understand the confusion, and they don’t understand that they are going to memorize random tricks into their minds for a few decades before they will see what I am talking about here.

And, there’s nothing I can do about it. The young are arrogant. They are immortal. Heck, I was, and every old guy I know was, so why shouldn’t a young guy be over confident full of himself? I mean, it ain’t a bad thing. At least, it ain’t bad for the first twenty or thirty years, and then one day this young guy wakes up to the fact that he has been studying the Martial Arts for decades, and he is all mixed up.

And, he usually won’t even know that he is mixed up until he comes across Matrixing and gets a twenty twenty hindsight look at himself and his art.

What young guy has hindsight? Let alone the ability to look at himself?

Well, I am not dinging on young guys, believe it or not, I am just pointing out the problems involved with convincing people that there is a huge body of knowledge that is going to open up their martial arts and transform them into something bigger, better…and amazing.

Matrix Martial Arts is a graph that can be applied to all arts, all motion, to everything in the body. It is a simple graph that opens up the mind, makes the person look at stuff he never would have looked at. Nobody in the history of the martial arts has ever seen this stuff.

When a person is matrixed enough, when he has become aware of the universe enough, then he can actually, for the first time, focus on a precise moment, an exact fist, an itsy witsy bitsy piece of now…and that now is Neutronics.

If you liked this article, you should probably get some free books, look into this matrixing thing more, and figure out whether it is for you. Go to and look for the free book order.

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