The Truth About the Mind, the Body, and What the Martial Arts Really Do

The Truth About Matrix Martial Arts

Truth, and in the martial arts. What an interesting idea. With everybody crowing about being able to beat up everybody else, where could one hope to find the truth of Kung Fu, or Karate, or Shaolin, or whatever?

Well, scroll down and I’ll tell you, and show you, how it all works.

matrix martial arts

The body is a motor that focuses awareness


// Your body is a motor. A motor needs two terminals. This could be the planet and the body. That’s a good motor. You can, just because gravity pushes you down, start the motor up. Takes work, but what’s the alternative? Be an eat and tweet guy or gal? Tweeting in bytes and never really accomplishing anything with your life?

Another motor would be the two legs. You push from one leg to the other, from stance to stance, and energy charges up your legs and starts up this thing called a Tan Tien.

The Tan Tien (literally: the one point) is an ‘energy generator.’ You use gravity to run energy up your legs, focus properly on the tan tien, and you start building up energy.

Do it right, and that means with a properly arranged martial arts, and you get this thing called ‘chi power.’ Most martial arts, especially in this day of greet and beat Mixed Martial Arts, are not properly arranged, so they don’t show this manifestation of energy.

But, you find a good art, one that is more or less scientifically correct in its instruction and forms and techniques and all that, and you get more and more chi power.

Now, the interesting thing here is that you use the body to create chi, but it is your mind that directs it.

Well, not actually the mind. The mind, you see, is a bunch of memories. That’s all, just a bunch of things you used to do.

This thing called ‘mental ability’ is actually not the mind. It is the persons ‘awareness.’

Awareness is an interesting thing. It is the only thing in the universe that cannot be seen…because it sees. It cannot be measured…because it measures. It is in charge.

Awareness at Work!

(This is actually one of the simple and easy things a person can do with the right Martial Arts Training!)

Most people go through life subduing their awareness. They get stupider through school. They lower their intelligence by falling into work ruts, and so on.

Then there are the martial arts. The martial arts actually raise intelligence. They do this by causing the awareness to work.

By training in martial arts forms you learn how to focus the awareness. By studying martial arts techniques you learn to measure the universe. By doing Martial Arts freestyle you learn to do it all now. In the moment.

There are martial arts systems, often mixed martial arts, that focus on reality, which includes impact, which is to say getting hit. This risks damage to the body, and it makes the mind remember things, which, in spite of any joy of combat, causes the awareness to get smaller.

In other words, you do MMA too much you get stupider.

In an oddly hilarious quirk, if you tell a person who is studying MMA that he is risking getting stupider, he is going to beat you up. Proof of stupidity if ever there was. SImply, it is stupid to beat up your fellow man; you are beating up other people, reducing their awareness, and thus reducing the awareness of all.

So the solution is to study classical, proven martial arts. You will still learn to beat people up, but you will learn other thins too. And, you will learn to not want to beat people up. Simply, it is more fun gaining in awareness, becoming smarter, than it is to make yourself, and the world, stupider.

But, to be honest, that is not enough of a solution.

You see, through the years and decades and millennium, the method of martial arts has become…stupider. Too many people wanting to study them just to beat people up, not enough people wanting to get smarter.

Well, heck. Somebody’s got to be a little stupid to start with if he wants to study something just to beat people up, right? Grin.

Now, that bit of humor aside, the cure to this martial arts problem, the way to get smarter faster, instead of the slow method, which takes years and doesn’t always work, especially if your system is screwed up, is matrixing.

Sure, you can beat people up, but playing with them is a lot more fun!

Matrixing is the simple procedure of applying western logic to the martial arts. Western logic is something that the martial arts have never had.

Now, some people can’t have this matrixing thing. They think that their martial art can’t be improved, they are loyal to the exclusion of all other ideas, and so on.

Which is like riding a horse down the freeway and saying, “there’s no such thing as cars…there’s no such things as cars…”

Sort of silly, eh? Especially when you read some of the testimonials about Matrixing. When you read the testimonials on Matrixing you are reading the words of people who (often) have studied the martial arts for years. They say things like, ‘I can’t believe how much I am learning!’ Or, ‘Everything is suddenly making sense!’ Things like that.

The testimonials are on, if you wish to actually read them. Heck, do a search through them for the martial art that interests you, you might find somebody who was like you, but is suddenly finding a whole new world, discovering the so called ‘secret techniques,’ making sense out of all the accumulated data of decades of study in Kung Fu, or Aikido, or Taekwondo, or…?

Anyway, Matrixing, while there are complete arts on almost every course, is a science separate to itself. And here comes the interesting thing: when you improve the software (martial arts) programs in your mind, the mind, itself, starts to improve.

martial arts chi power

You can control the whole world!

People find their memory improving, they start communicating at a higher level, they begin to learn and understand things outside the martial arts, and this by intuition and permeation ~ by the real methods awareness uses, instead of a muscle mind in a meat body.

And that is the glory of the martial arts, especially the new and improved martial arts that matrixing creates.

Now, you have a choice, remain an eat and tweet fellow, munching twinkies on the sofa while you peck away at a keyboard, thinking that you are plugged in, and not realizing that you really are plugged in…a victim of mass media gimmicks.

Or, you can toss the twinkie, get off your rapidly expanding butt, and head for a dojo, get some books off the net (it IS good for something!), and…by going to Monster Martial Arts and finding out the truth of this thing called Matrixing.

Let’s see…rapidly degenerating intelligence, a chubbed out bod, wondering where youth and opportunity have gone…or…a quick intelligence that takes charge, a body that is young and strong, and a world where the lights always seem to be green.

Make the choice now…go to Monster Martial Arts and find out about Matrixing…find the spark plug that ignited in people like Bruce Le, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan…and others. A lot of others.

Go to


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