Martial Arts Gets Rid of the Monkey Mind…Rejuvenates Mankind!

 Warrior Mind? Or Monkey Mind?

Everybody in the world is engaged in struggle.

everybody in the world is a warrior…
whether they know it or not.

Even if they don’t learn martial arts,
study martial arts or do martial arts…
they are still stuck with being a warrior.
a sadly inefficient warrior.

Joe Citizen struggles in the workplace
to bring bread home for the family.

Charlene Fatcells struggles in the gym
to get her weight down.

Even little Jimmy Nogood,
he struggles with teachers who should know better!

here is the problem,
the ability to fight is being bred out of us.

Did you know that sperm counts are going down
in the American male?
He’s been losing the struggle with GMO,
and his actual DNA may be changing!

And how about all those obese people?
Tons of them laying on the couches of America!
They lost the struggle with potato chips and ipads!
No real life,
just eat and tweet…eat and tweet!

if you want a real good example,
how about them politicians?
They lost the struggle with…their Monkey Minds!

That’s right,
you see,
the real struggle is not against DNA,
or some boss who has his own struggles,
or the politician or even against Lays Chips.
The real struggle is against your Monkey Mind.

The Monkey Mind is that chatter in your brain.
It is static…
meant to distract you from actually living!

there is one way to end the Monkey Mind,
to cease the endless static that says things like…
should I go to Mickey Ds today?
With things like…

The way to end the Monkey Mind,
and this is written in one of the oldest texts in the history of man,
is to learn how to concentrate your awareness.
To focus,
and eliminate the monkey chatter,
and replace it with accomplishments.

The easiest,
most fun way
to learn how to focus your awareness
is to do the martial arts.

That said,
the fastest way to do the martial arts
is to matrix them.

of course!
Everybody knows that!

How long can you think of one thing?
Go on,
try it.
Look at a table, or a pen, or something that is not a TV.
How long can you stay focused and have your attention
on only that one thing?

Chances are,
not long.
Within 30 seconds your mind is thinking of other things.
Bye bye awareness,
hello Monkey Mind.

some people can read this,
and just do it,
focus their attention,
bye bye monkey mind.

But 99.99 per cent of the people,
and this certainly included me when I first started out,
can’t do this.
Can’t focus their awareness
for more than 30 seconds.
If that.

you need to do something
that is more fun,
has more point to it
than just sitting and meditating your way
through the Monkey Mind.

Most people need an activity that focuses their attention
if they wish to increase their awareness.
A fun activity with a point.

you do your forms,
focusing your attention on each move.
You mock up villains,
and you mock up yourself as a warrior.

as you focus on your opponent,
your awareness grows.

Do you understand?
Do you understand why
people who do martial arts are smarter?
More aware?
More responsible?

Because they have put the Monkey Mind on hold,
and grown as Aware beings.

people with the Monkey Mind in full gear,
they are on endless welfare,
can’t get a good job,
are constantly crying in their beer.

People without the Monkey Mind
are relaxed,
have good friends,
and enjoy life.

here is the question of the day…
would you like to live half your life with a Monkey Mind?
Taking 3 decades to get rid of it
through traditional training?
Or do you want to get rid of it now!
Inside of a few months!
Then you matrix.

You matrix,
and that means you organize your mind,
by organizing your martial arts,
and getting rid of mental chatter,
becoming able to focus your awareness on anything you want!
For as long as you want!

I’ve said what I’ve said.
I’ve either convinced you to kick out your Monkey Mind
by having a ball
working out more,
doing the martial arts,
and enjoying life more,
you are paying attention to that clutching beast on your back…
the Monkey Mind.

So what’s it going to be?
Thirty years of work outs,
if you manage to stay in good health,
not get waylaid by bad marriages (the result of a Monkey Mind)
Changing one bad job for another (the result of a Monkey Mind)

Or get there quick.
The Matrixed Way.

For me,
it was never a choice.
I saw the martial arts and I ran towards them,
laughing and having the time of my life.
getting rid of my Monkey Mind
I am a warrior.
Good health,
good times,
making the world happen,
and I slew my Monkey Mind.

And that’s what I want for everybody…
especially you!

I want you to be a warrior
and slay your Monkey Mind.

All righty tighty…
I’ve done my work out,
my awareness is on
and yours will be too
of you look at this page…

Simply, you will learn about transforming your karate,
or any art you’ve got,
and making yourself more aware.

And when you see how simple it is,
head for this page.

This has all the data
so you can focus your awareness
the right way.
Not some mythical Bushwah way
that happens when your martial arts teacher
makes up stuff
for when he doesn’t know the real reasons.
(Bad case of Monkey Mind, you know?)

that said,
you guys have an AWESOME week!
LOTS of work outs!



zen martial arts

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