The Plan Behind Matrix Aikido

The Truth Behind Aikido

I love Aikido.
I have been dwelling on it since 1975.
I have made a practice of figuring out
how to translate any art into Aikido.
Somebody can attack me
and I can use most any art to defend,
and then change the last movement into an aikido throw.
whether I use ‘empty hands,’
or ‘skill attained over time,’
or anything else,
I can translate those concepts and actions
into spiritual harmony.

I remember being in class
I had been there a couple of weeks,
and they had realized that I was already a black belt in Karate
and they asked me to step into the multiman freeestyle.
So I did,
and it ruined the exercise.
I locked my punch and stance and whole body,
the flow stopped,
and Aikido became unworkable.
So they asked me ‘out’ of the multiman freestyle.
Ah, well.
I had been so excited, and…
and suddenly this upper black belt came up to me.

The others had gone on with their freestyle,
but Paul had opted out.
He was interested in why they hadn’t been able to throw me.
So i described Karate,
and we tried a few things,
and we nodded in agreement
and saw that it would take a VERY advanced aikidoist to throw me
without my cooperation.
Then I had a thought.
‘Have you ever done Sticky Hands?’
Paul said no.

So I taught him sticky hands.
He was VERY accomplished with concepts of flow,
and he took to it like a duck to water.
he had trouble with.
he enjoyed.

the most interesting thing,
he found he could now apply his Aikido
and throw me.

Of course!
I wasn’t locking down as much,
there was more flow for him to absorb.
An advanced exercise
became the connector
between karate and aikido.

I have to stay,
it was the most intense Aikido lesson I ever had.
He would throw me,
or lock me,
or whatever,
and then,
being not just an advanced Aikidoka,
but a heck of an instructor,
he would turn around and have me do the throw.
it was tough,
but I’m a quick study,
and I managed to keep up with him.

When you think about it,
I received advanced instruction in three arts.
Man, the things I figured out!
Totally mind boggling.

That all said,
let me ask a question.
Just how pure is Aikido?
not very pure.
The same thing that infects other arts
infects Aikido.
It is a put together of systems.
It is tied together with the notion of spiritual harmony,
of agreeing with the motion of an attack,
and that elevates it,
while the ends are pure in a spiritual sense,
the method of getting there is not.
The method is flawed.

The proof that the method is flawed
is that the art is not very workable in combat.
The proof is that it takes too long.

what is the alternative?
when you learn Matrix Aikido
there is a central concept that is not usually mentioned in classical studies,
and if it is,
then only briefly.
This central concept is illustrated in the arrangement of techniques.
the techniques are arranged in logical order,
making it VERY fast for the mind to absorb.
All of the techniques,
especially when the central concept is held in place,
makes the art work.
as I said,
work off any other art.

if you have experience in any other art,
you will be able to apply matrix aikido
after watching the video and reading the instruction manual.

If you don’t have experience,
but you have a bunch of friends
and are willing to go through the book
exactly as it is written,
maybe six months to black belt.
Maybe 2 years to complete mastery.
Might be shorter.
I’m giving you the long estimate.
Might be shorter.

That said,
I DO NOT advocate
getting rid of the old style.
As I said,
Morihei was genius.
The system he devised goes a long way.

there are things you are going to learn
far beyond the logical concept of Matrix Aikido.
if you do Matrix Aikido first,
if you make the art work,
and work well,
and work with any other art,
any weapon,
The doors to another universe open.

You see,
I don’t argue with Aikido,
I merely want people to learn it faster.

if what I am saying here makes sense,
here’s the URL

got to go,
but check out Matrix Aikido
and have a funtastic work out!


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