Would You Rather Be a Martial Arts Predator or Prey?

A Martial Arts Hunter or…?

Martial Arts Predator or Prey is an odd question, but it has some far reaching ramifications.

The original thought came from a study of nature, where there is one distinct difference between predators and preys.

tekki one

Does Martial Arts Meditation make a predator or a prey?

Predators have eyes on the front of their face, making it easier to fix their gaze and track the illusive runner.

Prey have their eyes on the sides of their faces, so they can better see the two-eyed fellows coming after them.

Now, a predator zooms along, nose the ground, sniffer to the bush, eyes searchign for a fix.

A prey, just to name a few instances, sails through the air, above the fray, enjoying the peace and calm of uplifing air currents.

Yes, I know the oddities and inconsistencies with such an argument, but i just wanted to make you think.

You see, man has his eyes on the front of his face. But is being a predator really all that great? There’s adrenaline in feeling the trigger getting pulled, but one is slave to the trigger, has to hunt, has to fight.

On the other hand, once one realizes that he is not just a pair of eyes and a set of teeth, the world widens, becomes larger, and there is so much to be seen. Not just in front of his face, waiting for the plate to be set down, but in a world that encircles and enlivens and brings a vast wealth of different experiences and new sensations.

Man is not just the fact of being encased in a flesh suit in which he can only peer through the eyeball apparatus, or hear through the auditory equipment, or smell through the big thing separating the eyeballs.

Man is an Awareness, a creature of no flesh that exists outside the flesh, and that is what is looking through the perceptic tools.

Not a meat craving werewolf, like one will see in the octagon, or encounter on the raging streets, but a compassionate and caring…individual.

Not a pack, but a person.

I know I have slanted this article, and the point isn’t to make little of the hunters in this society, but to open the door, to guide the thought processes towards the true potential that is a man.

So, would you rather be a martial arts predator or prey? Either one, the martial arts are the method that will help you realize that choice.

zen martial arts

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