How to Put the Empty in Emptiness!

Empty Hands Empty Mind, Empty Martial Arts

Let’s talk about empty.

Empty as in empty hands,
as in the empty mind
that is necessary for good martial arts.

there is the old zen saying
‘You must empty your cup,’
referring to the fact
that if your cup is full
(of your opinions and attitudes)
then you can’t put anything into it.
In other words,
you can’t learn.

We all agree with that.
we meet people every day
who can’t listen,
have to disagree,
are trying desparatel
to inflict their opinions on the world.

another saying would be
‘an empty vessel
makes the loudest noise.’
I only heard that one recently,
but it instantly struck a chord.
Physically, a glass filled with water
will make less noise
than an empty glass,
when you put it down.
Sound of impact,
stability of weight,
and noise isn’t dissipated
by traveling through water.
on the other hand,
the fellow who has no real knowledge
often insists on doing all the talking.
He is trying to hide his ignorance
by distracting with his mouth.
This is a real world example
of the old saying,
‘He who speaks does not know,
he who knows does not speak.’
Good stuff.

So we have a couple of kinds of empty
that aren’t desirable.
Then there is the other side of empty.
If you have an empty mind,
then it isn’t hollow and vacant,
it is just not bothering with distractions,
it is not being used much,
and the person is not filtering the world
through his mind,
but rather seeing the world as it is.
no distractions.

So what happens to all the knowledge in the mind
if one is existing in this ‘empty’ state?
Where does all the stuff in the head go?

Well, first off,
what is in the mind
is just memory.
So you ignore it,
you push it off to the side,
and it is as if it ceases to exist.
The memories are still there,
and you can tap them as you wish,
but you aren’t bothered by them,
as in distracted,
by them.

Now we come to something interesting,
what happens to the mind
when you matrix it?
What is going to happen is that the mind will be ordered,
logically arranged,
so you still have the same things going on,
it is easier to tuck the memories away
and ignore them.
Easier to tap into them,
because your powers of concentration are greater.
And the sensation is that you are bigger.
With everything properly slotted,
there is the apparency of more space,
(more emptiness!)
because the memories take less space,
so you feel bigger.

And what does this do for your martial arts?
they become more intuitive.
Logic becomes intuition quite easily.
you can access the martial arts faster.
Not much is faster than intuitive,
because intuitive is instant.
As it happens,
you respond appropriately.
And this leads us to three.
you choose the right technique
without mistakes or hesitations.
The mind is orderly,
it doesn’t get in the way,
and this frees up the martial arts program
so it is instant and in the moment.

You do’t react,
you act.
Big difference.

The trick is,
it is all data.
You can work your body until it drops,
and it will speed up the mind slowly,
as it has been done for thousands of years.
But when you matrix,
all the data in your mind aligns,
and the mind becomes easier to handle.
Quicker to handle,
stays out of the way
when you need it to stay out of the way.
So it doesn’t take years,
it can take as little as a few months.

there has never ben anything like matrixing.
the cost of the first course,
Matrix Karate,
is only $24.99.
That’s it.
Not even the price of a lunch and a movie.

think about it,
then realize that ‘thinking about it,’
in this fashion,
is nothing but a distraction,
it is your mind getting in your way.
It is your mind not trained,
not disciplined,
and allowed to slow you down,
able to distract you.

The Matrix Karate course is here…

Oinkey donkey,
it’s time to get stuff done.
So see ya at the monster,
and have a great work out!


zen martial arts

1 thought on “How to Put the Empty in Emptiness!

  1. Learn Karate

    a practitioner of Taekwondo, I find this to be a fairly informative and solid read. Thank you for sharing your views on this topic. I read so much bullshit every day this was nice to read, to be honest.


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