How to Take a Shotgun Away Using Martial Arts!

Take it and shove it where the sun don’t…

Let’s talk about shotguns.

Worse sound you can hear is a
the slide of a shotgun
being cocked.
if you’re burglarizing a house,
that’s about the time
when you wet your pants.
if you’re a martial artist
walking down the street
minding your own business,
that’s the sound that tells you
your technique is about to be tested.

What I am talking about is the video
that is presently going viral

Or type in the following phrase
in your youtube searchbox

‘Man turns tables on shotgun-wielding attacker’

I wrote an article on this a couple of days ago,
and it went into a forum,
and the comments went crazy.

Aside from the usual joking,
people said one of two things.

They either said the fellow taking the shotgun
studied XXX art,
or they dissected his technique.
His elbow was bent
or his stance was wrong
and so on.

the second comment,
that his technique needs improving,
that’s a laugher.
The guy walked away alive.

If he walked away dead,
you know what I mean,
then it would have been bad technique.

it’s a good thing to analyze technique,
nothing wrong with analyzing technique,
especially one from ‘the battlefield,’
but only after complimenting the guy
on keeping his cool.

And that leads us to the first comment people were offering,
which art the guy studied.

Some people said jujitsu,
other Aikido,
I offered the comment myself
that it looked a bit like the Systema
or even Krav Maga
that I had seen on the tube.
I made that remark because the fellow looked like
he was doing a sweeping high block,
and because he reversed the gun.
here’s something to think about.

In the end,
there is no technique.

You practice the martial arts to make them intuitive.
When they are intuitive
you can grab the ground without having to go into stance.

in the beginning you need to work on stances.
One of the purposes of stances
is to train yourself
how to sink the weight.
Once you learn how to sink the weight,
you don’t need to do the stances,
depending on the situation,
you might not even want to do a stance.

Consider the video.
If that fellow had struck a stance
he might have gotten shot.

The point here is not to decry stances,
but to public praise them.
Stance work teaches people all sorts of things,
and you need to do a lot of stancework,
there may well come a time
when you should put stances aside.
Even if only in a situation
like the one in the video.

The real point here,
the place where we are going to with this
is this:
at the end of technique,
there is no technique.

This is a very zen thing,
and it simply means…

You practice until your moves are natural and intuitive.
Until you don’t have to think about them.

So consider the video below,

or right here if it doesn’t load on your computer.

To tell you the truth,
I have never really seriously practiced any knife disarms.
I haven’t spent hours
dissecting techniques,
practicing until I was blue in the face.
I just figured out the concepts.

I had done so much work
in other arts
that I developed intuition.

Mushin no shin

Mind of no mind.

A very zen sort of thing.

First technique,
I don’t know what that was.
A sidestep and slap,
and a karate kick.
I was a little surprised to find myself there,
so I just kicked.
More of an,
‘oh, what am I supposed to do now?
Guess I’ll kick him.’

Second technique is classical karate,
right out of matrix karate,
but translated into monkey boxing.
I have practiced that technique until blue in the face,
but usually with a punch.
Love the durned thing.

Third technique is right out of Matrix Kung Fu.
Pure Monkey Boxing.
I have practiced that one till blue in the face,
but not usually with a weapon,
just a punch.

The fourth technique is the interesting one.
I have never done that in my life,
I almost NEVER work with a staff,
don’t know where the technique came from.
It looks like my partner dives out of the move,
but he said he was ejected,
felt the energy just spin him out.
I don’t know.

So the point is this,
the video is totally unrehearsed.
We had just shot a segment of Blinding Steel,
I believe,
and Forrest,
my attacker in the video,
asked if he could just attack me,
no plan or rhythm,
no hint nor clue,
just attack me
in any way he felt like.
And I said yes.

to be honest,
my form sucks.
Go on,
look at it.
I set,
but you don’t see any real stancing.
My elbow is probably bent wrong,
my feet are wrong,
but it was the endless practice of techniques,
with good form,
that allowed me to step outside of form,
and just do what worked,
even if I had never ever done the technique before.

I wasn’t worried about my form,
you see,
I was more concerned with
analyzing his motion in the moment,
handling his body,
not mine.

technique becomes no technique.
Time and surface thoughts disappear,
and the endless practice of techniques
has put me in a moment
where there are no techniques.

Oinky donkey,
here’s the deal…

Blinding Steel.

It is the complete analysis of weapons.
It is incredibly simple
because it deals with the concepts.
It is incredibly logical,
because it is matrixed.
And this makes it EASY to learn,
and quick to make work.

It is a complete art,
with a variety of the EXACT takedowns and disarms
that will develop
as you practice this art.

it is designed to be learned
to a point of intuition
within a couple of weeks.

Two weeks.
You do exactly what I tell you in the video,
and you will know how to deal with weapons,
how to use them,
how to take them away,
and in a completely intuitive manner.

Two weeks.
That’s all.

All right,
time to get back to the work out.
So you guys have a great weekend,
I mean,
have a really great time of it.
You deserve nothing but the best.


zen martial arts

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