Man Uses Martial Arts to Take Shotgun Away From Mugger!

Martial Arts vs Gun Control, and the Winner Is…!

I have always been a proponent of martial arts. And, while there are some that disagree, I have been friendly towards the second amendment. On April 27th of this year all my arguments were proven. People should know martial arts, and gun control should be taken off the table and replaced by…the second amendment.

On the aforementioned day there was an attempted armed robbery on the 1900 bock of Burgundy in New Orleans. The time was 5 in the AM, and a solitary fellow was walking down a lonely street.

Suddenly, another fellow appeared, you can hear him cocking the shotgun as he comes up behind the first man. He points the shotgun in the man’s face and words are barely heard.

Suddenly, the Lone Walker executes a high block, shoving the shotgun aside. He continues the arm circle and takes the shotgun away!

The robber is now running for his life, the Lone Walker turning the shotgun into the firing position!

This is true, it happened as I describe it, and the video is on youtube

Simple type in ‘Man turns tables on shotgun-wielding attacker’ if the above link doesn’t work.

Now, my points are this: in areas where there is no gun control there is a lowered crime rate. This a totally true statistic, one that is brushed aside by people who don’t want you to be able to protect yourself.

And, the fellow who turned the tables most likely studied martial arts. It looked like he knew what he was doing. Maybe studied some Krav Maga, or Systema, or something like that.

Yes, some idiot will argue that he should have just given his money to the Shotgun Man, but why?

The fellow did Martial Arts, they worked, end of story.

And, my conclusion is this: people who study the martial arts are strong, competent people. They get things done. They can deal with dangerous situations. Everybody should study martial arts. Heck, i even think that people should study martial arts before they pick up guns. Martial Arts are about control, not destruction, and if you are going to pick up a potentially destructive tool, you should know how to control it.

And, last conclusion, gun control sucks. It doesn’t work. It makes people victim for other people who do have guns.

Yes, you can argue with me, but some day, when you are walking down a lone street, or perhaps are pulled from your car by an irate cop or punched out by an out of control bus driver (instances such as these have been recorded and are easy to google), then you are going to wish that you had a real, working gun, or at least knew some good martial arts.

If you want to learn some fantastic martial arts, and how to deal with real,, live weapons, check out the Blinding Steel course at

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