Your Martial Art Sucks Because Mine is Better!

On Sucky Martial Arts!

I like getting comments on the martial arts articles and blogs I write. I like to know what people are thinking. Recently, however, I received a notice that somebody had commented on one of my blogs. I clicked over to the blog and examined the comment.

It was something to the effect of, ‘Yeah, your art sucks, it’s the kind of art that was losing back in the UFC 1 – 5.’

lop sau image

Take this, trash mouth!

I grinned.

This was what I call the Beavis and butthead martial artist. Now, I am going to say a couple of mean things, so don’t take them out of context, or blow them up.

These fellows have little control over language, usually using ‘dude’ or ‘bro’ freely.

These fellows think whether a man is a man is decided in the ring, and no where else, and any of that zen crap is just that…crap.

And, these fellows usually have read all about Bruce Lee, and they are free thinkers (study everything) but don’t have the discipline to make anything work…they lack the incredibly discipline that Bruce Lee had.

And, these fellows talk trash. A lot of trash.

Now, I love MMA. I love to watch it, I love to watch the training methods, and I have opinions on who is going to win a fight or not.

But I don’t speak ill of MMA. Heck, there’s too much to learn, and it is too darned fun.

And, the really MMA fighters don’t usually speak ill of classical martial arts. Many of them have studied classical martial arts, and they know there is a dividing line here. That go to more reality is a decision of the person.

Of course, there are exceptions. You will have the trash talk before a match. You will have people that actually don’t like each other. But I ignore that. It’s about the art, you see? And I would like to think that, underneath it all it is about exploing and finding superior training methods.

Not just a human cockfight, but a deeper purpose. A point wherein the human being stops trying to beat people up, and starts looking for the truth of himself.

Now, does my art suck because it didn’t win at UFC 3 or whatever?

Nope. It just means that Beavis and Butthead are grinding axes with what goes for brains.

This has been a page about Mixed Martial Arts and sometimes unfortunate attitudes of the mentally challenged.

Go to Monster Martial Arts if you want to see some martial arts that result in increased intelligence.

zen martial arts

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