A New Way of Fighting with Martial Arts!

There are many modes of freestyle,

and I want to tell you about one,

 it’s one of my favorites,

and I use it when I want to make a point,

make a student think,

or just to end the contest

in a way that is so unspectacular

that it is spectacular

and everybody goes  ‘ooh!’

It is simply so short and sweet,

so quick,

so concept oriented.


there are only four blocks.

The back of the wrist horizontal.

The palm horizontal.

The back of the wrist vertical.

The palm vertical.

I’ll leave it to you

and a little practice

as to how to use these blocks.


the strike is a simple vertical punch.

You start it with the hand held open

 in front of the body

fingers pointed towards your opponent.

you simply block,

then punch.

That’s it.

A little practice,

and you would be shocked

at how well this works.


it works in freestyle.


there is more to it.

I figured this out

from doing Pan Gai Noon.

That’s one of the three complete arts

offered on

Evolution of an Art.

I did Pan Gai Noon,

analyzed the blocks and figured how the matrix of the art,

and saw what was possible.


in doing the Pan Gai Noon,

I learned how to drop my weight

fix myself to the ground

without appreciable change in stance.

The most I do is point the feet in,

sink an inch,

and that’s it.


I learned different things about

the tightness of the fist.

I had been doing the finger touching close the fist punch thing

for a long time.

Now i had to do it out of palm blocks and back wrists.

Most of all,

I learned different things about timing.

See, here’s the thing,

every art has different modes of timing

you have to figure out what each mode is,


you do enough modes,

you enter mushin no shin.

Cool, eh?

never thought it would be so simple.

But it makes sense.

Mushin no shin means mind of no mind.

But the mind is memory,

memory is time.

And that’s why I frequently refer to mushin no shin

as ‘Time of no time.’

Do without the memotyr,

and you are doing without time

and pereceiving things directly

as awareness

as they are happening

with no memory filters.


here is the kicker.

It takes time to accumulate enough techniques,

enough arts,

especially if they are going to have

different modes of timing.

So you matrix.

you pick up karate.

You pick up kung fu and blinding steel,

whatever you happen to like,

the timing modes are different

so mushin no shin happens faster.

The courses are logical,

easier to do,

faster to make intuitive,

faster to know.

So somewhere in there,

sooner than later,

you’re going to mushin no shin.

These guys with LOTS of experience,

all they have to do

is read the data,

they already have the arts.

The arts get made logical,

everything makes sense,


zingo bingo,

they are there.

New guys have to start from the beginning.


the terrible misfortune with new guys,

they don’t have the platform of experience

to understand what I am saying,

so they read about

instead of do.

Old guys have already done.

New guys tie into the old ways,

but that’s okay,

I’ll see them in twenty years,

and we’ll make sense of their arts then.

Too bad.

They could have done it in a year or two.

Instead…twenty years.


what you gonna do, eh?


that’s about it.

I’m not really pushing mushin no shin this week,

that just sort of snuck in there,

popped out while I wasn’t looking.

I was more interested

in people accumulating more arts.

Evolution of an Art


It’s a massive amount of work,

three arts,

books and videos,

gives you a tremendous amount of data.

And it’s fun.

It is just a blast

to work through these forms,

get some friends and play with the techniques,

and get better.


hope I see you on that page,

and you guys and gals have a great week,

and a great work out,

and I’ll talk to you later.


BTW, if you want to learn the fastest, mot efficient method for learning how to freestyle in literally DAYS, check out How to Fight!

zen martial arts

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