What Martial Art Did Jesus Study?

Jesus and Martial Arts

jesus martial artI’m always curious about what Martial art Jesus studied.

I Mean, Krav Maga hadn’t been invented, nor had Karate. He might have had time, in the missing twelve years, to head out for China and learn a little Shaolin, and, truth, India was right over the mountains. But…I don’t know.

Now, maybe he was just a natural mushin no shin. Good chance of that, considering his DNA. But when I see a movie and he picks up the whip and cracks those moneylenders a few stripes, I just have to wonder!

I mean, he takes that bullwhip and snaps those fannies like a PRO!

Of course, that’s the movies, and maybe in real life he didn’t use a bullwhip, but he was strong enough to! I know he was strong because he was a carpenter, and carpenters, back in the day, had to move logs around, strip them, chop and saw them into the right shape, pound them together with a mallet, so I know this lad had some strength. Major strength!

Those movies that depict him as a weakly whimp simply have it wrong.

Heck, do you think some guy with no muscles is going to have a tough enough spirit to do the things he did?

And, to be honest, I often wonder, when I read that thing about turn the other cheek, whether he was setting somebody up for a flip or a throw. I mean, he was a smart dude, it would have been well within his capabilities.

Anyway, it’s a good question, what martial art he studied. Heck, if I knew the answer I would probably go find somebody who taught it. Preferably find somebody with lineage back to the man himself.

Can you see it? I studied Heysoos-Do.

Well, no matter what martial  art I study, the principle of the man holds true. Treat others as you would be treated yourself. Good idea. Good principle to put in any martial art.

If you want a martial art that is true to principles and kind to the spirit, head on over to Monster Martial Arts.

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