What You Didn’t Know About Matrix Martial Arts

A Short History

These dates are all approximate, but should give an idea of the time involved, and the research involved in creating Matrixing. 

Wrote my first book at Kenpo Karate about 1969. Became the instructor’s manual for my school. Has to be one of the first instruction manuals ever written in the United States. It was a list of kenpo techniques up to brown belt.

Learned an original and pure form of karate at the Kang Duk Won. My fellow students included scientists, aviators, students, glass blowers, grave diggers, and outlaw bikers, including the Hell’s Angels.

Matrixing was developed in the late 1970s. It was the product of literally thousands of lists written down in hundreds of spiral ring notebooks. It detailed techniques from a variety of arts, but mostly from various styles of Karate.

I wrote my first matrix in 1980. It would be about three decades before I found out that the graph I used was a tool for a field of algebra.

The first Matrix Karate was taught in 1984. This was in the attic of a furniture store in San Francisco. Very hot and dusty.

Taught my first matrix martial arts class in Los Angeles in a house. Another attic. Lost ten pounds in a couple of weeks.

Taught in alleys behind rundown apartments, rooftops, basements and garages in Hollywood. Taught a few celebrities, a few security forces, and a wide variety of just, plain people.

Had schools in Ukiah, Santa Rosa, San Francsico, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Tujunga. Gave classes in probably 20 different cities.

When I developed the final version of Matrixing for the video courses I drew from: 5 systems of karate, eight systems of tai chi, several systems of Pa Kua, wing chun, ton toi, fut ga, aikido, a half dozen systems of kenpo, and more.

Wrote over 30 articles for Inside Karate, Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Masters & Styles, and a variety of other mags. Had my own column in Inside Karate.

Have written over thirty novels, a large number of which have to do with martial arts, or have martial arts sub themes.

Have written probably over a hundred instruction manuals.

Produced over 30 martial arts instruction videos.

Established monster martial arts to sell my courses.

Matrixed other subjects, including the English language, algebra, and so on. This led me to matrix religion, which lead to discoveries in Neutronics.

Have written over two million words on the martial arts, which makes me the most prolific writer of martial arts in history.

Have written over 1000 blogs on the martial arts.

Have written more than 500 articles on the martial arts on the net.

Okay, that’s about it. I just thought I’d give a list for anybody who thought I was a flash in the pan, a fly by nighter, a guy using the internet to get rich quick.

Really, I just believe in the martial arts, and I want everybody to have a chance, and I want everybody to learn some of the things I learned, and then go on and do what they will.

The price of my courses is inexpensive so that everybody can share.

They are instant download, so nobody has to wait.

And may you and yours live in peace forever.

zen martial arts

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