Martial Artists Who Refuse to Change

Martial Artists Who Refuse to Change Crack Me Up

Now, I don’t mean to offend you, but I want you to think about something.

When I was a kid, every three or four years my father would get a new car. We were middle class, it was a big expense, but it was worth it.

Cars back then didn’t last as long. They were made out of inferior materials, the manufacturing process wasn’t the greatest, and, let’s face it, new car technology was advancing.

Do you know how exciting it was to go from roll up windows to power windows? And, let me tell you, variable speed windshield wipers were amazing!

And, let’s face it, I know that you get excited when you buy a new car. You always want bigger and better. More horsepower, titanium hub caps…whatever is better, you want it.

It’s the human condition, right? something comes along that is better, and we want it.

Then we consider the sad case of the martial arts.

It’s been taught this way for thousands of years, so we aren’t going to change it. ┬áBut, think about it, the only new innovation in the martial arts seems to be how to sell it to more people. Keep those strip malls filled; more contracts for the McDojo.

Face it. When it comes to martial arts people have been sold a bill of goods. We actually pride ourselves on how long our lineage has gone on without changing a darn thing!

I heard one fellow, all dressed up in fancy robes, talking about he was the 18th grandmaster, so you could be sure that you were taught the way children were taught in the 1600s.

Isn’t that great? Kindergarten for 400 years.

No sports medicine. No discoveries. And don’t talk about research.

Would you go to a hospital that advertised that they were using the same methods used in the 1600s?

Now, do you understand why martial artists who refuse to change crack me up?

You think there isn’t a better way to do your snap kicks?

You think there isn’t a better method for making your techniques fast and intuitive?

You think there isn’t a better method for teaching you how to remember those forms in minutes…and so that you don’t forget them?

You think there isn’t a better method for learning how to put ALL the martial arts into one logical system that works no matter what?

Then you’re buying into an advertisement that says, ‘We reached perfection a thousand years ago, and we never changed.” And that, of course, is why the martial arts have changed the world, done away with war, made the world a better place. Grin.

Okey donkey, time to wrap it up.

If you think that there might actually be room for improvement in the martial arts…if you think that your karate might be able to be learned faster and quicker, using modern methods that weren’t available to peasants in the middle ages, then come see me at Monster Martial Arts.

And, if you don’t want to see if you can make your martial arts better, that’s okay. BTW, I hear there’s an opening for a worker in a buggy whip factory.

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This has been a page about making your martial arts better.martial art,

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