Be a Ninja! Sneak Up on Anybody!

Sneaking up the Ninja Way

To understand how to sneak up on somebody like a ninja, there are three things you need to know.

First, the body is a motor, and it gives off waves, or vibrations, or just simple heat. These things can be felt by another person. The proof is simple: somebody walks behind you and you feel it, and your hairs stand up.

Don't try to sneak up on this guy!

Don’t try to sneak up on this guy!

Second, and this requires a bit more research, but the head apparently makes quite a bit of noise, but that noise is all below the normal hearing level of a man. Well, yeah. Who wants to hear the gurgles and gulpings of a head in gear. It is most likely a sound that we’ve tried not to hear deliberately, just for a little peace and quiet.

But who would not suppress the noise of a head?

One night I decided to see if my dog was a good watch dog, so I snuck through the front door. Everybody was in the back of the house, and the air in the house was coming through a back window in the rear and blowing out the open front windows. So there was no way the dog could have smelled me. Suddenly he entered the room, growling, looking for the intruder. But if he couldn’t smell me…then he must have heard me. And I surmise he detected the clunks and clonks my head was making below my own threshold of hearing.

Now, the third thing you should understand. Man is run by a spirit. He thinks he has a spirit, but he really IS a spirit, and spirit is Awareness.

Not perception, for perception is merely the perceptic tools (eyes and ears and such) that awareness looks through. Further, Awareness is something that cannot be measured in the universe.

So, if a man is aware enough, he can detect the awareness of another sneaking up on him.

Not the sound below the threshold of hearing, not smell or vibrations, but awareness.

The trick, if you want to sneak up on somebody is simply to still your awareness, to be silent in your thoughts, and this means to think ‘away’ from your target.

Want to sneak up on somebody? Take a bunch of years of discipline, the martial arts are good, and learn how to focus your awareness in a direction other than your target, even as you move in on your target. If you can ‘unthink’ in this manner, then you stand a chance of actually sneaking up on somebody.

What you do, when you arrive at your target, is up to you, but that is how a ninja sneaks up on somebody.

The above stated, your assignment is to try and sneak up on Good luck, sucker!

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