Pope Francis Wins Free Martial Arts Lessons!

Gonna be a Bad Ass Pope!

Good news for the world! A billion people can’t be wronged…they got a new pope!

Now, as the Pope of Monkeyland, and the baddest ass guy anywhere, I am proud to announce that he has also won…Free Martial Arts Lessons!

jeet kune do pic

Let’s do it, Dude!

That’s right. I know the new Pope, Francis has won a course of instruction in any martial arts he wishes.

Pope, I know you are reading this, so go to MonsterMartialArts.com and check out the courses.

If you want to learn fast (I know some of these pope types don’t last too long), you should try for some Matrix Karate. In just a few months you could be kicking the moneylenders out and standing tall.

Or, if you want to go old school, try some of that classical Karate stuff. Wouldn’t it be cool? To be the pope and be able to kick the beautocks of any smart aleck Samurai that happens to drop by and want to challenge you?

Or, do the Shaolin thing. Learn the Shaolin Butterfly, then pick up a little Butterfly Pa Kua Chang! Man, that would be so cool! Instead of waiting for some rogue monk to come along and challenge you…you could go to Shaolin and give them a severe talking to.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to take down some of those more irascible cardinals? Do a little triangle work on them, choke them to a submission?

Seriously, we do wish the Pope, and the whole Catholic Church, the best. The very best. And, Pope, make sure you take advantage of those free martial arts lessons. There’s a time limit, you know.


zen martial arts

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