I Learn Kung Fu to Kill People!

Why I Learn the Martial Arts!

Got a recent email, and in it, some fellow talked about what he should say when asked why he did the martial arts. Now, I find this most interesting, and even bizarre.

I mean, when somebody asks me why I do the martial arts, I say because I like doing them.

And, if pressed, I merely point out that my body gets stronger, lasts longer, and stays happier.

And, my mind tends to focus on tasks at hand, and avoid distractions.

And, I just feel better.

Well, shucks, martial arts, and I don’t care what your style of kung fu, karate, aikido, or whatever is, work the body, and make you solve real time problems at a fast rate, to say the least.

Can anybody mention a more pressing problem than a fist barreling in on your face? Then I go to work, and that flooded bathroom is sort of inconsequential.

Did you know that most people who study martial arts do better in life than non martial artists?

It’s true. Totally true.

I can’t tell you how often I have talked to people and found out that the boss I am talking to studied martial arts. Maybe in college, maybe still doesn’t do it, but he’s still got the kung fu uniform hanging in the closet and ready to go.

And, even if the person isn’t a boss, the guys who do the most work, who seem to treat the customers the friendliest…they have martial arts experience.

Simply, they handle the fierce encounter on the mat, so handling the upset customer behind the counter is nothing. I mean, the guy in the complaint department has a broken part, so you just hand him a new one and tell him you’re sorry…and he’s happy. That’s a lot easieer than trying to flip that guy who outweighs you by forty pounds and has a grip on your neck!

Heck, if bosses knew this, they would probably start demanding that martial artists be the first to be hired.

Ah, well.

zen martial arts

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