How Win A Fight With Mad Dog Karate Training Attitude

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Mad Dog Karate training, rabid monkey kung fu, or whatever, you need to learn how to be a diehard martial artist. You simply must train so that you have what it takes to survive in a fight to the death. You have to learn how to slip off the fancy gloves and do the deed.

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Opinion Vs The Hard Punch of Facts!

First thing you have to know is that, when you are fighting for your life, you can’t be a nice guy. Simply, while you’re applying Nice Guy 101, the other guy is looking for a cheap shot. While you’re holding out a hand for a shake, he’s got a club behind his back.

Second thing, if you are going to walk away still breathing and whole, is that the nastier the attack you do, the better your chances of surviving are going to be. The eyes are a valuable, so stick him in one and you are the victor. The peaches are also great for a quick win, a slam dunk in the junk means no more punk.

Third thing you have to learn, if you want to be the one that walks away alive, is that how you face your training is going to be how you face your opponent. This is really what the whole thing boils down to, and it is what this bit of writing is geared to.

Look, it’s okay to bow in a martial arts school, and conduct yourself like a gentleman, but you have to be willing to do more when it comes to working out. Don’t groan at push ups, see if you can do five more than you thought you could. When everybody else is gasping and bent over, force yourself to stand up and glare.

And, to take your work outs to the next level, take some advice from the guys who won before, and go the extra distance. Masutatsu Oyama, the Korean who started Kyokushin Karate, went and lived in the mountains for a year, building his physique, meditating, and breaking huge slabs of stone with his fists. The result was a guy who was a winner, and who rose to the peak of the martial arts world.

The martial arts are filled with tales of guys who stepped out of the training hall and into the real world, and drove themselves on to superhuman deeds. Master Ueshiba became a diehard fanatic, spending his inheritance that he might travel everywhere and train with any martial artist who knew anything. The results of his training methods are easily understood when one realizes just how big his art of Aikido became.

I could go on and on, but the message is clear. If you want to get somewhere in the martial arts, put aside your school book dreams and learn to commit yourself. Mad dog Karate, rabid monkey kung fu, or whatever, learn to demand more of yourself, and force yourself to be bigger and better in any martial art you do.

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This has been a page out mad dog karate training attitudes.

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