How Matrixing Works in the Martial Arts and in Everything You Do

Matrixing to Solve Life!

This is how matrixing works, not just in the martial arts, but in every single thing you do, or anybody does.

Let’s say, for the sake of our example, that somebody punches you in the eyeball.

Ouch! And you go sign up for a self defense class, or a karate class, or whatever.

Now, the instructor tells you to do a front kick, and you try your best, but the body doesn’t want to cooperate.

The toes don’t want to bend back far enough, the back and forth of the leg looks a little floppy, there’s no focus of power at the end of the technique, and so on. There are two things that happen at this point.

One, you drop out. Too hard. Don’t want to. Can’t learn.

Two, you practice. You decide that your goal is worth getting, so you practice. A person should be able to walk the streets safely, you don’t want to get raped, and so on.

Now, when you are doing the martial arts you are trying to learn a sequence of movements. You are running signals through your body, and telling your muscles to remember. It’s called muscle memory.

Time passes, and you start zipping those kicks out, your blocks are hard, and your punches…oh, good lard, you’ve got a punch that works!

Now, two things can happen.

One, you drop out. Got your goal. Nobody is going to mess with you. Grrr.

Two, you keep going. Why do you keep going? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? and here’s the answer.

When you commit motion to muscle memory you are building a circuit. It’s a circuit in the body, but it is also a mental circuit.

The mind is just a bunch of memory. That’s all. Can be a useful tool, but you don’t want to clutter it up. And, you don’t want to clutter it up with half finished circuits. So you should keep going, keep doing the martial arts, because something surprising is about to happen.

When you keep going, when you keep practicing those circuits, you will eventually reach a point where the circuit disappears. Poof. Gone. And, suddenly, your kick becomes as instantaneous. No thought. Well, actually, no mental circuit. And what has happened is that the human being has taken over the circuit and replaced it with a simple thought.

You have the thought, the body pops a kick (with no circuit) and all sorts of things start to happen.

One, when you hit somebody with a non-circuit kick…they fall down. Real down.

Two, you become intuitive in your life.

While people are thinking about the movies and what they are going to eat, you aren’t bothered by that stuff. Do you know how much sheer, pure massive, immense time you have when you don’t waste it trying to make circuits work?

Movie. Choose. Go. And there is no mental chatter, no wondering which movie. Everything happens at the speed of thought. And that’s because there are no circuits to get in the way. No mental circuits zipping back and forth, wasting time, as you search for the correct action.

You see, by getting rid of the circuits through a practice of the martial arts, all of the circuits in the rest of your life tend to go away.

Look, Martial Arts handles the universe. The universe is just a bunch of things flying around and banging into each other. The human being has to deal with that. By doing the martial arts, and learning how to handle the fist that flies around and threatens to bang into you, you learn how to handle ANYTHING that flies around and threatens to bang into you.

And there is NOTHING else on this planet that works like that!

Now, the trick is simple. Start the martial arts…and don’t quit. Don’t settle for tough and can fight…go for broke…go for broken (as in disappeared because you don’t need them any longer) circuits!

Now, the last thing I have to say is this: sometimes it can take a long time to make a circuit poof, and that is because the circuit is illogical, doesn’t make sense, is filled with random things, or is encased in a system of random tricks. The martial arts of today, you see, are random conglomerations of fancy moves, and they are hard to circuitize.

But, if you do matrixing, there is a logic that happens quick and fast. It doesn’t have to take ten years to make a circuit and make it go poof. It doesn’t have to take ten years to learn that system of kenpo or karate or aikido or whatever. You can actually do it in a matter of months. That’s the logic, and the glory, of Matrixing in the martial arts.

zen martial artsThis has been a page about Matrixing in the Martial arts.

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