Old Doctor Uses Karate to Beat up MMA Fighter!

Karate MMA Beatdown!

I just love a good headline, especially when it shows the classical martial arts in such a good light.

I say good light, because I always get people trying to tell me that Karate doesn’t work, that it didn’t work in the MMA Octagon, and why should people study it.

Now, before I go on, Karate is about self discovery, finding out about yourself, living to a ripe old age. But, the medical doctor in the clip gets himself put in the ring, and he shows what karate fighting is really all about.

Notice that he is not dodging and dancing like a boxer. He sets, then goes forward. When the MMA fighter takes a kick or punch, the good doctor flits back out of range, waits his chance, and takes care of business.

Look, this is what you do in Karate. You don’t fight…you analyze the situation while you move forward and scientifically and efficiently dismantle the attacker’s body. This is how we used to fight back when I was training in the sixties.

Now, we didn’t have much grappling, but it’s nice to see that the doctor used simpe stance work to avoid being taken down, and when the MMA fighter tried to grapple, and failed, he simply fell on him and, again, took care of business.

I have been saying Karate here, because I recognize his motions. I’m pretty sure the old fellow has karate experience, though, to be honest, he could have picked up his fighting abilities in a variety of arts. They would have to be classical arts, though.

You see, MMA is conducted like a rooster fight, and everybody gets obsessed with being big and tough, putting on tattoos and talking trash.

You’ll notice that the doc doesn’t say much, is, in fact, polite. That is what it is all about.

Anyway, feel free to disagree, or if you have some thoughts about the kind of fighting this old guy is using, leave a comment.

Have a good day, and don’t forget to check out Monster Martial Arts and some of the pages I have on Karate. And don’t forget to pick up a free Martial Arts Book (top right home page).

This has been a page about an old doctor using karate to beat up an MMA fighter.

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