The Real Truth About Matrixing in the Martial Arts

Matrixing in the Martial Arts

One of the things that amazes me is the lack of logic in the martial arts.

Now, in the beginning of my studies, I thought there was a logic. A fellow throws a punch, and you do a block, and that is logical. But, unfortunately, that was the end of logic.

My first system, a kenpo system, began a wild foray into the number of things you could do to maim a human body. There were punches and kicks and blocks and throws and…and they were done to every single part of the human body.

But it was all out of order. It was random listings of techniques, and no technique, in spite of the hype about ‘key techniques,’ led to another in any sort of logical sense.

So I went to a classical karate system, and things were different there. Yes, the techniques were still random, but there weren’t as many of them, and I was drilled in them until the power popped out of me like a Tokyo nuclear plant.

I was relatively happy, all that karate power, but the happiness left when I started teaching.

Simply, I saw people start and quit, and the few who made it were special before they began. So how does somebody get Joe Average to stick it out, and gain those special abilities that elevate him and make him somebody special?

This was the point that I began really cutting things up, reassembling, and searching for an answer…a logical method for teaching martial arts.

This first matrixing actually took place in Santa Rosa. I broke four martial arts down to a simple geometrical logic, and presented them.

Man, it worked like a charm. The guys and gals mastered this stuff within a couple of months! I think the slowest one was about four months. I mean, incredible!

Problem. They had the moves, but they didn’t have that power. But the power was what it was all about. Power, such as I am talking about in Karate, opens the door to the self.

So I gave up. Sort of quit, and just entertained myself by researching other martial arts.

But every once in a while something would happen that would keep me sort of revitalized.

Myself and a fellow locked ourselves in a room and did nothing but martial arts for one week. After he left me he went to a classical Japanese Karate school and was instantly promoted to 3rd degree black belt. True story.

Then there was the one week black belt course, where I took five guys and we spent forty hours in an attic.

I became a writer for the martial arts magazines, wrote dozens of articles, and had my own column in Inside Karate (Case Histories).

The one year course I taught for my son. Six students, five of which made it to black belt, and with the full and complete power of Karate.

And there were other things that happened. You see, I would research an art…then teach it. But my teachings were always to cement what I had learned, and figure out how to slant it towards matrixing.

And, eventually I had a student who said, ‘Let’s start a school!’

But I had had a school, a half dozen schools, and I didn’t really want another school.

But, I guess I did, because I let myself be talked into it. And this was the first time that I started really teaching all the stuff I had accumulated.

I taught Karate and Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Pa Kua, and I taught them with the Matrixing data I had discovered. I showed what they really were, and how they fit together into one art. And people began to experience not just the power of karate, but of the whole martial arts, and they began to get it quick!

Interestingly, I had people come in and challenge me.

I never let a fight develop, I just sat them down and explained matrixing to them, and they walked out, a little dazed, a lot brighter, and much happier.

And, if there was a shortage in any of my martial arts, people would come in and help me. I had a fellow with ten more years experience than I had come in and teach me systems of Shaolin and Tai Chi. Really rounded me out, helped me figure out better ways to apply matrixing. And things like this happened all the time, and they were out of the blue, gifts, blessings from some invisible martial arts god that grinned when he looked down and saw what I was doing.

One day my student came to me, the same one who had wanted to start a school, and he says, ‘Let’s start a website and sell martial arts!’

I tell you the truth, I didn’t want to. I didn’t understand computers too well, it sounded like a lot of work, and…and somehow I found myself in a studio, shooting video after video, teaching the arts just as I taught them in class, whole arts in a couple of hours.

But, the business failed, and after a couple of years my student came to me and said, ‘Time to split.’

I asked him what he wanted to do with all the videos we had shot.

‘Oh, they’re yours. That’s you. Do what you want with them.’

So I started Monster Martial Arts, and something interesting happened. I sold a few courses.

And something else happened, people started writing in and telling me how blown out they were, that they had learned so much, that, for the first time since they began studying martial arts…they finally understood them.

And Monster Martial Arts began to grow.

So read some of the testimonials (wins) listed at Monster Martial Arts. These are the words of people, people like you, people who want to know the real martial arts, and don’t want to spend three lifetimes doing so.

Have a great work out.

zen martial arts

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