Martial Arts and Self Defense Against Weapons

Self Defense Martial Arts

This is a piece on how to use martial arts against weapons.

Put That Gun Down or I’ll Kill You!

Don’t you just love that sort of movie dialogue? The problem is…it reminds me of a lot of things that are happening in that other fantasy land…Washington.

Right now, as we speak, there are bills about guns, magazines, triggers, registration, and so on. Heck, congress would ban David from the bible if they knew he used a sling shot! Fortunately, congress doesn’t read the bible. (Did I really just say that?)

Okay, good times aside, let’s talk about the specifics of weapons.

If you can, comply. Just give him your money. He’ll get caught. And you should go on living.

If you can’t, then you’d better learn how to fight. Some guy pulls out the duc tape, smiles at the young girl and says, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’

BS. Fight back. Kick, scratch, claw, scream, don’t quit no matter what. He’s not interested in taking stuff, he’s interested in domination and death.

Biting is good. You don’t want to catch AIDs, but, grab some DNA the police can use in the event he wins. Yeah, I really did say that.

But, your best bet is to actually learn a martial arts weapon. Or, to learn how to use ANYTHING as a martial arts weapon.

A weapon is basically a straight line…with some curves or edges or hinges or whatever. How many things can you see in the room you are sitting in that qualify as a straight line?

A ruler, a pen, the edge of a book…and the list goes on. But remember this: a properly enraged attitude is a fine weapon.

I knew one fellow who fended off 5 guys on a stairwell with a plate. And he had no martial arts experience, didn’t know karate or kung fu or anything. He was just enraged, and the thugs couldn’t see the plate for the rage, and they reacted as if that plate was an electric sword!

Better than rage, however, is intelligence. Intelligence is your real tool, and it separates man from beast. The cool thing is that martial arts increases your intelligence.

And, even more important, it increases your awareness.

So if you study a martial art, you not only get smarter, but you become more aware. Which is to say you will become aware of a potential attack quicker, and have the intelligence to design techniques to help you survive that attack.

Do you see the vast benefit in studying martial arts? Specifically in conjunction with weapons?

Now, I recommend Blinding Steel as the ultimate weapons course. It is simple and designed to give understanding as quickly as possible. You can pick up ANYTHING and plug it into one of the Blinding Steel patterns (which can be learned in literally minutes), and be able to defend yourself.

Interestingly, I had one of the oddest and best testimonials to this course. A fellow wrote in and he said something to the effect of, ‘I like your course, but I like XYZ’s course better. I didn’t understand XYZ until I had done your course, but I like it better now.’

Do you understand how weird this is? He bought a course he didn’t understand. Then he bought my course, and he suddenly understood not just my stuff, but other stuff about weapons that he had not understood before!

Ah, out of the mouths of babes.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel at Monster Martial Arts. The good news is that while it is available as a martial arts DVD, it is also available as Instant Download…and it is VERY cheap!

zen martial arts

This has been a page about martial arts and self defense against weapons.


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