Martial Arts are the Best Method for Achieving Visualization

Neutronic Visualization in in the Martial Arts

This is the second in a series of articles on mental visualization using neutronic techniques in the martial arts, including such arts as karate, kung fu, etc. The complete series is available at

When you step out on the mat for your first lesson in karate or kung fu, or aikido or whatever, you have started the journey to higher self discipline.

The instructor tells you to stand in one place – that in itself is a hard lesson for some people – and then step forward into a front stance and do a low block.

From here to there...with nothing in between

From here to there…with nothing in between

That’s an easy lesson, right? And he has you do it again and again, and you aren’t very fast at it, but he talks about having to use it in a fight, and he won’t accept mild effort, and you find yourself sweating and gulping for breath, and somewhere in there you realize something.

There is the position you stand in, and you can visualize where you are supposed to go to, but there is a major disconnect between the two positions.

You have the thought, but you can’t make the body catch up to that thought. A couple of months later, a hundred hours of practice later, you suddenly realize that you are starting to catch up.

But you have learned something more important than a low block…you have learned how to shut up your mind long enough to propel your body, with thought alone as the driving factor, from position A to position B.

In other words, you have realized that it is not muscles that command you to move, it is the thought behind the muscles, and you are now face to face with your first Neutronic Realization.

Behind every action there is a thought.

Now, here is the funny thing, all you martial artists out there, if you didn’t have that thought (or something close or at least VERY similar in impact), you never entered into the true martial art.

And, all you martial artists out there who did experience this thought, you poor fellows thought it was a single thought, isolated, and you never realized that it was your entry into the true martial art, let alone that it was the first signpost in neutronics.

But, you’re not at fault, for neutronics hadn’t been invented, and all the signposts hadn’t been laid out. The whole martial art thing was a bunch of randomly appropriated mismatched techniques with no real organization.

But now matrixing has happened, and the whole thing can be understood, and the journey through the martial arts can be fast instead of slow.

Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, or whatever, the door to the martial arts has opened, and the path to the end, to the top of the martial mountain, has been laid out.

zen martial arts

To see the complete series of articles go to: Martial Arts Vision.

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