Hold Own Karate Contest and Be the Big Winner!

You can have a Martial Arts contest, or Karate or shaolin or whatever, and you can be the big time, guaranteed winner. The idea for this type of contest came to me from a guy on the internet. He said he wanted to do his martial arts form 1000 times in 365 days.

Now doing a karate kata 1000 times in one year was a lot, but…it could be done. You could do it three times a day for a year, or ten times a day for 100 days, and it certainly seemed doable. So I queried him, and he said that it included a lot of other stuff.

The full program included something like run a thousand miles, do the kata a thousand times, do 50,000 sit ups, and do 50,000 push ups. He even included read 12 books, and then he added something I don’t think it is possible to do: 10,000 acts of random kindness. Man, now the thing was looking a little steep!

So I started considering the thing. Fifty years ago JFK got everybody in America worked up about walking 50 miles in 24 hours. And, the iron man Marathon started because three fellows in Hawaii started thinking about how much swim, bike and run they could do. So, even with ten thousand acts of random kindness, the thing was possible.

Now, if you’re attending college and don’t have the time, you could set lower standards, and then do the real thing in a few months during the summer. Or, if you have to be at work a lot, maybe there’s ways to get loose during the week for short work outs, and then do a master blaster on Saturday and Sunday. Or, maybe you’ve got the time and…why not just do it?

I mean, all you’ve got to lose is your chubby gut and sloth and bad habits! Correct? So why not go ahead and do the contest?

I figured you should include the following items in your contest. Running, martial arts forms, and a full range of body drills. Maybe run a two or three miles, do your taekwondo patterns(s) 2, 3 5, or 10 times (depending on how many of the things you know), and do ten different body drills twenty times apiece.

If you’ve got the time, or maybe you just want to get over those summer time blues, run ten miles, do your martial arts forms 20, 30, 50 times apiece (depending on how many patterns you have learned), do 50 of 10 types of body drills. Man, that would knock the bulge off your body, make those muscles strong and hard, and give your mental attitude a sharp but pleasant edge of ‘I am the man (woman)!’ If you really want to ram…get a dozen friends and rock and roll!

So that’s the contest I was thinking about. I think it is very possible, and it will result in a new and improved you. Whether you have a kung fu contest, or karate or aikido, you’re going to have the best time of your life!

zen martial arts

This has been a apge about holding your own karate contest.


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