Using Neutronics to get Negative Gains in the Martial Arts

Here’s an advanced training technique for Karate, kung fu, or any other martial art.

Instead of roaring like a lion in the woods, be like a thief sneaking in the back door.

Instead of slamming your body and screaming fiercely, remember that the perfect sound can’t be heard.

Take, for instance, a simple front stance with low block, step forward with the rear foot and punch. Basic training for a lot of martial arts out there.

Now, don’t see how fast you can do it, or how much power you can generate. Instead, see how little effort you can use.

Push with the rear foot, as the rear foot passes the front foot, let the front (now rear) foot push. Make sure all body parts move together. See how gently far forward you can extend the body before dropping the weight into the front stance. Synchronize weight drop with punch focus.

Punch not as if you are punching, but rather as if you are afraid of hitting something.

This is actually hard core neutronics. At a certain point a martial artist will realize that the universe works backwards, and he will have to reverse his training methods.

Which is brighter? The sun at mid day, or a candle in a coal mine?

Don’t create sound, create silence, and a little sound will go a further way.

Don’t move the body, have a thought, and let the body move.

Be in one position, visualize the trajectory of the fist, then be in another position.

Nothing in between.

You must have an empty mind to have an empty fist. And this holds true for any martial art of motion, be it karate or kung fu or whatever.

zen martial arts


One thought on “Using Neutronics to get Negative Gains in the Martial Arts

  1. Jerome Johnson

    As in the stories of the past where the old master is challenged by the strong young pupil and learns that as one ages its is no longer strength that generates power but spirit!


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