Another Martial Arts Master Instructor

congrats to Master Instructor Luke Warhurst!

Here is his win…

Hi Al,

I’ve just finished going over the material contained in the Master Instructor course – there’s a lot of profound material to digest, but I wanted you to know how amazed I feel. As such, this is as much of a “Wow!” as a “win”.

The wonderful thing about the Master Instructor Course is not that it teaches you new things, it’s that it enlightens you to the truth of your own martial art, and through this it enables you to achieve your potential as an instructor.

It takes what you know, drilled into you through countless years of often only half-understood repetition and copying, gives you a short, sharp slap to the intellect, and says, “take a look at what you’ve been doing, no, take a look at what you’ve really been doing, and see why it works… and why it doesn’t.”

To use an analogy, it’s like looking at a house and rather than seeing the place as a vague “house shaped mass”, which is what most of us do, instead, at a glance, noting every brick, every joist, screw, nail and timber that, working together as a unified whole, makes that house specifically, intimately, uniquely what it is.

Look, I studied Shotokan for many years, I’ve studied Shorin-Ryu Karate, I’ve studied American Kenpo Karate, I’ve studied the theories behind all sorts of martial arts, I’ve even gone straight to the source and lived in China for a while, but it’s only now that I understand the universal theories that define each movement, form and function of the arts that I’ve studied. I find myself looking at sequences in kata that I previously struggled to find an application for and thinking, “Yes! I get it now! … I can break this down into its core components, analyze how they work together and ways that they can be modified to work better. And I can do the same for an opponent’s attack to better neutralize it!”

Shockingly, I find that I can take the various martial arts that I’ve learned and blend them into a unified, consistent whole, seemingly without effort. This makes me a better martial artist, which is itself worth the price of admission, but even better, this is knowledge that I can share with others, to impart what I’ve learned more effectively than I could ever have hoped to do before.

Thanks, Al, you’ve opened my eyes to the true potential of martial arts, and my future students – and my martial art, itself – will be all the better for it.



Thank you, Luke,

thanks for making my day.


I want to thank you

for describing what happens

on the master instructor course.

It isn’t just a house,

it is a precise and accurately measured construction.

But how do you measure it?


perhaps it would be more accurate to say,

which tools do I use

to build it?


there are

all sorts of tools.

But which precise ones

do you use in the martial arts?

There are,

to be factual,

only half a dozen tools,

that’s all.

But nobody has ever described them accurately.



people know about them,


they don’t understand how to use them in the martial arts,

except in blurriest manner.


there are only a half dozen ways

to construct the body

in the martial arts.

That’s all.

No more.

And nobody has ever told you about them.

Except to describe them in mystical terms.


if they have told you,

they have told you of only one or two,

and not all of them.


surrounded by missing data,

they become mystical.


here is the rather astounding thing.

There is ONE,

and only ONE

concept when it comes to teaching.

When you read that one concept

on the Master Instructor Course,

and see the simple way to apply it.


You’re an instructor.

And you know that

you’re only as good an instructor

as you apply that one concept.

Not a dozen years of uchi deshi.

Not a doctorate in body-ology.

Just one concept.

And I’ve got about 70 master instructors

that have that one concept

and are actually teaching with it.

Seventy fellows

most of whom have TONS of experience,

who are actually spreading the True Martial Art.

Everybody else is sort of teaching.

Doing the monkey see monkey do,

trying to stuff decades of learning,

into a rather stunned student.

Everybody else is arguing about which art is best,

or fighting their fellow man.

But I’ve got almost 70 fellows out there,

who actually believed me

when I said,

I know something that makes it all work.


as Luke said,

it makes it all work together.

One art.

One unified martial art.



thank you again,


And for you guys and gals out there,

take another look at his win.

Read just one paragraph at a time,

think about each paragraph.

The Master instructor course can be applied

to ANY person

to ANY art

It makes ALL arts fit together

it gives you the truth of the martial arts

it makes you a real instructor

The Master instructor Course

is the pure knowledge of the martial arts.

Whatever art you study,

no matter how long you intend to study it,

you need to understand

what it is

you are actually doing.

Okey donkey

and nuff said.


the downloads are up on the Monster,

everything is back to working.

I still have to work on the instruction manuals,

many of them work,

but a few don’t,

but I can email those out

no problem

once I get an order.


I’m looking into a password system for the manuals.

Everything should be totally fixed

within a week.


I’ll start putting the rest of the courses on instant download.

People like it,

I like,

I don’t get eaten up by postal fees,

or risk losing something in the mail.

It’s fast and quick,

if there is a prob I can handle it through email.

What could be better, eh?


got to get back to work now,

and you have to get to your work out.

We have to make our bodies perfect,

clean out our minds,

define and manifest our spirituality…

and what better time to do it

than right now.


Have a great work out!


zen martial arts

This has been a page about a martial arts master instructor.

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