Karate Girl Kicks the S*** Out of Burglar!

Karate Girl Picks a Fight!

Poor Wilberto Zapata had a few drinks and then went home. Unfortunately, being new to the apartment complex, he went into the wrong apartment. Stunned by the change in his decor, poor Wilberto was examining the bathroom when the infamous Karate Girl, Jannine Ramirez, returned home.

One would think that Ms Ramirez would show a little tolerance for somebody who was just admiring her decor. But, no. She was apparently on an adrenaline high when she returned, for she had just been at a karate tournament. Eager for more trophies and blood, the Karate Girl  kicked our unfortunate drunk through a door, across the apartment and out. 

On the outside of the apartment looking in, befuddled, our inadvertent burglar was accosted by the police and actually cited for unlawful entry.

Unlawful entry isn’t too serious a charge, and Wilberto was finally released and allowed to go to his own apartment, if he could find it.

Now, this writer wants to go on record right now-even criminals have rights!

I mean, where does this vicious karate girl get off, beating up poor, helpless drunks?

Couldn’t she have just opened the front door and yelled ‘Free drinks!’

Instead, she has to show off and beat up some poor fool whose only real crime was being rendered temporarily stupid by alcohol.

And the police, instead of going after the real criminal (have you ever heard of assault and battery, karate girl?) have the nerve to add insult to injury!

Unlawful entry! Huh! What’s the world coming to?

At any rate, latest word is that a gaggle of lawyers are attempting to locate Wilberto, and to start legal proceedings against the Karate Girl’s foot.

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