To Ban Guns Means to Ban Martial Arts!

Do You Think They Will Stop with Banning Guns?

I had a martial arts student, this was back in the nineties, and he had come to America to study martial arts. He was from a communist country, and the only people allowed to study martial arts were police, or the families of politicians.

Isn’t that interesting? Now people don’t have guns in communist countries. They do what the army tells them, or a tank runs over them. But i didn’t realize that it went further, that people weren’t even allowed to defend themselves physically!

Drive down the street. Chances are, one out of every half dozen strip malls has a martial arts school. Maybe it’s Brazilian Jujitsu, maybe it’s kenpo, and people go into them every day. They get fit, there thinking process calms down and goes to work, and they are not a threat. So why should those schools be outlawed, and the people refused to be able to learn any martial arts?

Because the government likes people to be compliant. Shut up, pay your taxes, and don’t complain.

I came across an amazing statistic the other day. It was something to the effect that over 99% of the violent in the world throughout history has been done by governments.

Governments start war, they beat people up, throw them in jail, and are responsible for virtually all the atrocities.

But those atrocities stop when somebody fights back! When the people have guns, as in Florida, the crime rate goes down. The criminal simply knows he might get shot. Don’t want to break into that house, no, sir!

And the atrocities really stop when some guy turns around and delivers a front kick to the gonads of the mugger!

So, hey, the point of this blog today is simple. If they take away guns, if they violate the constitution of the united states, if the government becomes the criminals, then the next step is going to be to regulate martial arts schools. Then license them. Then insist on background checks. And if a school is still in existence after all the paperwork, only a government official, or a police officer with a government voucher, is going to be able to afford to study the martial arts.

Now, I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but do a little constitutional research, you’ll find out that I’m right, and you might need to get a little involved with this ridiculous government takeover.

BTW, if you want the best martial arts weapons course in the world, try Blinding Steel at You’ll be able to pick up anything and use it for a weapon, and i mean within a week or two. It is that fast, and that powerful!

Talk to you later.

This has been a page about martial arts and gun bans.


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