Kung Fu San Soo in Redding!

Had the pleasure of meeting James (Jim) Matthews today. He runs the PHDMartialArts Dojo in Redding.

He’s a medium height fellow, well built, and always a smile.

redding kung fu imageIf you want to run a dojo, and you have a website, take some advice from Jim. Go to his website and you will see the best smiling picture of a martial artist ever. Belt thrown over the shoulder, wry grin, and it makes him totally accessible in a charming way. Believe me, when the parent sees that picture he will bring his (her) child to that dojo.

Now, the name PHD stands for ‘Power, Honor, Discipline,’ and while Jim is old school, he makes the training fun, and he is especially kid friendly. In talking to him for just a few minutes his love of children was apparent, and his determination to help children in the kindest way is obvious.

The art Jim teaches is San Soo, and he learned it right at the feet of the founder, Jimmy Woo, in Los Angeles. He has over twenty years in the art, and he has brought all that hard won knowledge to Redding, CA.

So, I had a most enjoyable conversation, one with no barriers and the best of cheerful intentions, and it really made my day.

I love talking to real martial artists who talk the talk, and walk the walk, and do so with compassion.

I look forward to dropping in on Jim and PHDMartialArts.com again.


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