The Eternal Horse Stance Meditation of the Joss House

Went to Weaverville in North California yesterday, and did horse meditation outside the temple. See the following martial arts pic.

horse stance pictureNow, you might be wondering why I was doing this stance outside the temple, instead of inside. I was outside because they closed the durned thing! The oldest Buddhist temple in the US, or someting like that, and they are only open Thursday and Saturday! How the heck is anybody going to worship?

Well, they don’t worship there anyway…they use it for a museum. Instead of seeking spirituality, they charge the tourists. Hang you head, God, you been downsized!

Well, people are still spiritual beings, whether they realize it or not. And whether that durned place was closed or not, I had a good time. Walked in the snow, threw a snow ball at my wife, and generally enjoyed the martial arts day.

If you want some funtastic martial arts, head over to If you can handle the more spiritual martial arts, then go to

Have a great work out!

Thsi has been a page about horse stance meditation.


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