How Do You Judge Higher Black Belt Degrees?

Advanced Black Belt Degrees is an interesting thing. After all, how do you measure the depth of a man? He’s not a well, where you can drop a pebble in and wait the echo. It’s a problem in spiritual depth.

Now, most people think you can judge a  man by how much time he has been in a martial art. How long a fellow has spent in kenpo, or Judo, or Kung Fu, indicates how deep he is. And, there is a certain amount of truth to this, for the longer one studies in the arts, the better his technique gets. Just watch any advanced Tai Chi chuan-ist on youtube if you wish for proof.

However, this doesn’t always work. For there are some people in some arts that are, to be blunt, lousy. Their form is bad, they can’t make techniques work well, and they just don’t have the patience and compassion that an advanced degree in the martial arts brings.

There is a reason for this: the person doesn’t have enough experience in a large enough variety of martial arts.

A lot of people are quite curious and delve into arcane branches of varioust martial arts. But some people think there system is the only one, and they never really open up and travel down the martial path to the true martial art, and to the truth of themelves.

My solution for this problem was to award advanced ranking whenever one earned a black belt in a martial art.

Karate Shodan = 1st black belt, and a Kung Fu Black Sash is a 1st black belt…and a second black belt in the martial arts. Becoming expert in Pa Kua would be one black belt, but the student would be a 3rd black belt in the martial arts.

Do you see where I am coming from?

I am not locking myself into one method of martial arts; I believe that learning different arts gives an expanded viewpoint, which provides depth of soul. Now the person is actually progressing towards the true art, and to the true depth of spirit that aa advanced practice of martial arts imbues.

Tthis doesn’t negate the old one art method, it is just the method I have developed, and which seems to work better at creating MUCH deeper spiritual insight.

The truth of the matter is that where a person is in the martial arts depends on the amount and quality of his work, how true are his insights, and how kind he is to his mankind. This is my method, and in my opinion it is a much more certain and scientific method, for establishing the validity of Higher Black Belt Degrees.

If you want to learn about advanced martial arts, higher black belt degrees, and much more, go to and pick up the free martial arts book on the front page.


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