Controlling Martial Arts Freestyle with Neutronics

Martial Arts Sparring

When it comes to martial arts freestyle, and we are talking karate kumite, kung fu sparing, or whatever, there is simple scientific formula. Here is where the control of the fight starts…

While there is an art to destruction,

the true art is in control.

The idea here is that everybody tries to engage rage, meet with heat, build themselves to a frothy pitch and do mindless batle.

But if you want to learn real freestyle, as opposed to just animalistic rage, you need to learn how to control the fight. The problem, while there is much talk about ‘controlling a fight,’ nobody really tells you the real facts on how to do this. Neutronics provides the real strategy and philosophy behind martial arts freestyle.

One of the main theories of neutronics is that everything in the universe is a motor. A motor is defined as two poles between which there is tension (push/pull). To control freestyle you need merely control the distance between the poles.

If the poles collapse in distance, the motor is in danger of self destruction.

If the poles increase in distance, there may be no fight…but that doesn’t resolve the fact of a motor bent on destruction; it doesn’t solve the animosity between combatants.

So, you control the distance so that it stays the same at all times, neither collapsing nor growing greater.

When he attacks, you retreat, when he retreats, you attack. The trick is to choose the correct distance, which means choosing the distance at which you are stronger, and he is weaker.

It is easy to establish the correct distance, just move in and out and see which weapon your opponent prefers. Feet? Knees? Fists? Do this with a few opponents, and you will soon grow to recognize what distance any opponent prefers and sets up for.

Now, one crucial goal to reach when you practice neutronics in this fashion. Search for the distance at which harmony occurs. This is the distance at which you can defeat an attack using the flow of the attack. Not the hard levers of ju jitsu, or a specific range of strikes, but a flowing range.

To learn more about this neutronic range you should look at three areas: Matrix Aikido, Five Army Tai Chi Chuan, which are available at, and the various neutronic writings available at Monkeyland (

This has been a page about the use of neutronics to contro Martial Arts freestyle.

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