Knowing Base Martial Art Changes People!

What is Your Base Martial Art?

Let me say it simply and plain,

you are the martial arts,

this truth is proven through

the work out.

A sacred time

in which you manifest yourself as

a brilliant fighter and humanitarian.

Let me ask you a question…

what is your base art?

A base art is that art which you study,

which you adhere to

more than any other martial art.

Could be kenpo or hapkido,

aikido or tai chi,

or any art.

For me it is karate.


Kang Duk Won.

It is not necessarily the first art you study,

and it may not even be the most workable art you know,

but it is the art which,

when you work out,

you tend to focus on,

to go back to,

to rely on.

Your base art is simply

that art which tweaks your soul,

wakes up the spiritual ‘I am,’

is the most fun to do.

It is the one which,

even and no matter

how much your art meanders

(hasn’t been matrixed)

your intention seems to thrive.

You simply see things more

when you are practicing that art,

you get more thoughts,

you have more realizations.

Life seems and is


As I said,

my base art is Karate.

I am lucky enough to have a second base art.

Tai Chi.


I have practiced weapons till they come out my ears,

and I love Pa Kua,

and I appreciate so many other arts,


in those wee hours of the night,

when I can’t sleep,

it is Karate I tend to do.

It is karate which I adapted into walking the circle,

it is karate which I started doing tai chi style,

it is karate which I gave up doing other arts completely for.


if you don’t have one art

you simply need to keep looking.

It may be that you are climbing the mountain,

and the sun just hasn’t risen yet.

You are compulsed,

can’t stop yourself,

but no one art has grabbed you yet.


like the book says…

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Except that the real saying is…

One Art to rule them all, One Art to find them,
One Art to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

You’ll be working out,

and it probably won’t burst upon you

(but it might)

but you will find one martial art

that just makes more sense to you

and which you just end up doing

more and more.


as the book says,

‘and in the darkness bind them’

the darkness is your soul,

that thing which you have abused through the ages,

the ‘I am’ that is you,

and by doing martial arts

the ‘I am’ starts to give off spiritual light,

and the darkness doesn’t remain so dark.


Tolkien might not be thrilled by my metaphor,

but ,

darn it,

there is truth there.

But you might not see it

until you discover your base art.

So work out,


get your matrixing down.

Putting the martial arts in order

is going to speed up the process

enlighten you faster,

bring you to yourself.

I alway recommend Matrix Karate to start with,

not because it is my base art,

but because it is the art that I used

to make sense out of all the others.

It is the art in which matrixing first evolved.

So you like some other art?

Are drawn to some other art?

Simply get Matrix Karate,

do it,

then take the graphs and exercises

and apply them to your own art.

I haven’t matrixed Hapkido

or kenpo,

or lots of other arts,

but there is no reason,

if you are aHapkido lover,

you can’t learn Matrix Karate,

then create

Matrix Hapkido.

When I drive through America

I would love to see a dojang with the sign

‘Matrix Hapkido’

on it.


I created Matrixing,

but I don’t own it,

except as the person

who encourages the rest of the world to do it.

Here’s the URL for Matrix Karate

Do it,

then take (find) your base art

and matrix it.


do it this way,

and matrixing will REALLY work for you.

Your base art + matrixing = an enlightened being.

Okey donkey.

It’s time for the week end,

probably a bit chilly where you are,

so work out extra.

Keep your body warm,

and make your spirit glow.


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