Take What is Your Neighbors, Martial Arts Against Burglars!

Martial Arts Defeats Burglars!

Take What Is Your Neighbors!


especially late at night,

sneak across the yard,

pry into his house

and take what is his.

Take his TV,

scratch his dog under the ears,

look in on his teenage daughter,


uh oh…

that fool knows Kung Fu!

Or Karate!

Or something!

He is wailing away on you,

beating sense into your head!

Making your chestnuts hurt with mighty kicks!

Punching you in the Adam’s Apple!

Throwing you out the door

so you land in the mud

on your face,

sliding across the yard

to come up against your own gate,

bloodied and bruised.

And all because he knew Karate,

or kenpo,

or taekwondo,

or something!

Knowing the martial arts

is the ultimate

right to bear arms.

They can take my guns,

they can break my knives,

but they can’t quell

the gleam in my eye,

nor loosen

the clench of my fist.

They can’t have the spirit that is me!

And that spirit is made fierce,

by a thousand hours on the mat,

a thousand times a hundred

throws and kicks and punches.

A thousand hours seeking perfection

that I might live free

responsible for myself.


you read this,

and you ask,

where can I start,

how can I start up

the spirit that is me?

How can I become responsible and fierce?

It’s right down the street,

maybe at a YMCA,

maybe in a building

where you bow before you go in.

How many buildings do you bow to

before you go in?

Only the ones that are sacred,

and filled with spirit.


the human spirit,

the fierce desire to be free,

the ability to stand on one’s own feet!

Isn’t that what life is all about?

Not the gimcracks and doodads

shiney for a day,

that lure you into things,

but rather the sweat and the bruises,

and even the blood,

that a man takes himself in hand

and fights ever onward,

that he might protect himself


even show his neighbors the right way!



you don’t even need to leave your house.

You can type in with your fingers


That’s where you can start,

that’s where you can begin your journey

to the ultimate truth of you.

And ask your neighbor

if he wants to come along.

He’ll be glad he did.

This has been a page about burglars and martial arts.

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