Monster Martial Arts Goes Instant Download!

Monster Martial Arts has begun offering several of their courses as instant downloads.

Monster, as most people know, offers the Matrixing courses of Al Case. Matrixing is the first actual science of martial arts, and is literally sweeping the globe. Monster reports sales throughout Europe, across the mideast, and even Asia. That Asia, the home of kung fu, recognizes the world’s first martial science, speaks highly of Matrixing.

There are several pros and cons concerning instant downloads.

On the pro side, one doesn’t have to wait. Literally one minute after making an order, a customer can be reading the manuals and viewing the videos.

Also, for the ecologically conscious, trees are being saved (no paper), as are oil wells (no disks).

While the Monster products are copyrighted, all customers are given permission to place one copy of any course they order on their computer, and to make a disk copy of the videos, and a paper copy of the instruction manuals.

So far, the first four courses, Matrix Karate, Matric Kung Fu, Matrix Aikido, and the Master instructor course, are available for instant download. Other courses will be made available in the coming weeks.

On the con side, the price of a disk copy is going up. Of course, since the government is taxing higher and postal fees are going up, and the general inflation of currency, this had to happen. But going digital has enabled the company to keep low prices, and even to offer (for the next few weeks) a five dollar discount on the digital products. Monster has stated that if there is enough business, the discounts could continue.

Al Case, discoverer of Matrixing and the author of the Matrix Martial Arts instructional series, is a prolific author. A former writer for such magazines as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, and others, he has written over 2,000,000 words on the martial arts. This includes over 90 individual works, including novels, books of poetry, instructional manuals, and more.

People interested in learning a scientific and logical martial art should go to and peruse. Guaranteed, in a world gone violent, these quick and efficient courses are the best way to learn effective martial arts in the world.

1 thought on “Monster Martial Arts Goes Instant Download!

  1. Lee Bracey

    That’s awesome news! Can I ask what file delivery system you are using with Paypal? I have looked into a few. eJunkie and Digitaldeliveryapp seem pretty good.  I still have to get you a reduced link for the powerstanding product. I did not forget about you. I went to Charlotte to visit my sister for two weeks who was having (false) labor pains. Needless to say the labor stopped and the baby not only rode out the duration of his gestation, but decided to stay inside for an additional week! My 10 day trip turned into almost 7 weeks! Little booger…but I have a new nephew finally!! Thanks Al. Take Care,Lee Bracey


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