Finding the Spirit of the Real Martial Arts!

The Real Martial Arts Spirit!

If you have been following Neutronics at all,
you know what spirit is.
Spirit is awareness.
It is the only thing in the universe
that can’t be measured,
it is the only thing in the universe
that is bigger than the universe.

You have awareness,
and you are part of the bigger awareness
that people have given the name ‘god,’
and so on.

there is an energy in this universe.
This energy is created by every motor in the universe.
Everything in this universe is a motor,
(two terminals between which there is tension pull)
and the energy given off,
this tension,
is something to be aware of.

rocks put off a unique energy peculiar to rocks.
Humans put off energy peculiar to humans.
Planets give off unique energy,
and so on.

Simply everything that exists,
exists because it is a motor,
and emits energy,
which we can be aware of.

there is low level energy,
and so on.
We live in this mess,
and it is sort of fun.

there is a higher manifestation of energy.
For instance,
there is a unique energy given off by the thought pattern of doctors.
The unique energy pattern given off by the awareness of politicians,
and so on.

A martial artist gives off a unique energy.
His thought is unique,
and he emits certain wavelengths.
So where does this energy go?

It collects
and provides a stratum of energy and awareness
that is not visible to the normal human being.

It is a very high level energy.
It is creation and violence and peace and everything
all wrapped up in a unique ‘feeling’ of energy.

The point here
is that you can tap into this energy.

You are walking down the street
and you get this bad feeling,
and you stop,
and a meteorite plows a hole in the earth
right where you would have been walking.
But you stopped,
because you knew it.

the awareness,
tapped into the martial arts energy fields of the universe,
and felt that meteorite coming.

I know,
sounds new age and mystical,
but it ain’t.

It is just a field of energy
put off by the martial artists of the ages,
and it is there,
whether you sense it or not,
and it works to protect you.

Every field of endeavor has their own unique energy,
but the energy of a martial artist
is very high level,
and it watches over you,
and protects you,
and you can tap into it
and use it.

I use this energy.
It uses me.
It uses me to help create more energy.

Why do you think you bow when you get on the mat?
To say hi to the energy of the martial artists who have gone before,
who have sweated this energy into the mats and dojos,
and created a unique forcefield
that permeates through the universe,
and works for martial artists everywhere.

I know there are going to be a couple of people out there
who are thinking they have tasted something sour,
that I am talking looney tunes.
That’s okay.
Whether you subscribe to this theory of a unique energy
available to martial artists or not,
you are martial artists,
and you are contributing your energy,
and helping us all.

go ahead and MMA,
knock that guy out if you wish,
but don’t stop hitting and kicking
and making yourself better and better and better.

And now you know why the world needs you.
It ain’t the violence,
it’s that unique sensation
that pops into you,
and makes you try harder,
helps you suddenly get that weird popping kick,
makes you aware that the world is more than the physical eyes see.

The universe is energy,
it is our energy,
and we tap into it
according to the degree of awareness you have sweated into it.
So thanks for being martial artists,
thanks for that energy field you have provided.
It sure does make life worthwhile.

Okey donkey,
that’s all I have to say,
except that if you have a win
concerning using this type of energy,
feeling this type of energy,
send it in.
Maybe I can put it in the wins column,
maybe we can inspire somebody else,
make them aware
of the truly unique magnitude of awareness
that they really are.

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that said,

HanaKwanMass to all!
And to all…martial arts.



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