Congrats to New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

Almost the weekend,

almost time to party,

just need to do

a few more work outs!

Isn’t that the truth?

You have to earn your parties,

and you do it with hard work,

and great work outs.


congrats to Master Instructor David Court,

here is his win.

I cannot begin to express my thanks to you and Monster Martial Arts; having discovered your website by accident and purchased several of your CD-ROM’s/DVD’s; it has been a revelation, your explanations and Matrixing have opened up a whole new direction in study and training for me.

Having watched/read the Master Instructor set several times I now believe that I am ready to commence instructing again after all this time. It has restored my self confidence in my ability to pass on all my accumulated knowledge in a way that will benefit other students. I am particularly impressed by your explanation of ‘grounding’ and the use of stances; I have always had an interest in ‘chi’ development and your insight into the subject is enlightening. I also really like your ‘soft’ kata application; I am not getting any younger, stronger or faster and this is a welcome alternative to the usual ‘snap and pop’ of traditional Karate. You have provided me with renewed inspiration and a gold mine of research information which I was previously unaware of; I also now have a blueprint to start up a Karate class utilizing your teaching methods, my ‘Ronin’ period is now over!

I will be purchasing several more of your courses as I am now keen to acquire as much knowledge as possible to enable me to reinforce the common thread between the various arts I have been exposed to over the past 47 years. I am now also working on targeting all my strikes and parries onto pressure points in an attempt, in my own way, to return Karate to the all-encompassing superb Martial Art that it was back in its formative years!

Thank you David.

Your win makes it all worthwhile.


a few words about David,

he started martial arts in 1965,

earned many ranks

in a variety of arts.

Became a police officer

specializing in riot control and officer safety programs.


motorcycle accident,

and later,

a new knee.


the reason I tell you this,

I don’t know if David wanted me to go into his history that much,


I have seen motorcycle accidents,

my son has pins in both of his legs,

and I know knee replacement surgery

because my wife had one replaced,

and I know what it takes to get up off the mat.

But a guy with this much knowledge…

do you think we can afford to lose it?

That’s the point of matrixing.

To make things more understandable,

to make things easier to learn,

to revitalize ALL the martial arts.


To pass it down

and make mankind stronger and better.

You can understand

why I take such delight

In David’s win.

The Martial Arts are not an arena

where we put old race horses out to rest,

we NEED those old race horses.

Without them

the young race horses

are going to run around inside the barn,

smash into walls,

and knock themselves silly.


young or old,

the Master Instructor course is for you.

it gives you the data of the martial arts,

makes the martial arts right,

and that makes for younger

and more excited students.

And aren’t we all students?

Onkey donkey,

one last thing to say,

did you know that

if you google martial arts you get 217,000,000 results

if you youtube martial arts you get 871,000 results

if you amazon martial arts you get 73,481 results

there is a GLUT of information out there,

and the ONLY way you are going to get on top of it,

input it all and make sense of it

is through matrixing.

Matrixing is not not just a system,

it is a science,

a logic to make the WHOLE art understandable.


there is no piece of art


that is not going to fit into the matrixing picture.

If you don’t have matrixing

you have confusion and mysticism.

If you do have matrixing,

then you have a simple path of understanding,

you have a science.

Here’s the URL

for the Master Instructor Course


thanks to David,

and everybody have a great work out,

or two,



zen martial artsThis has been a page on how to become a martial arts master.

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